Homes of creative people deserve unique interiors

Do you love vintage decor, bright colours, including Scandinavian style or minimalism in your home design? Discover our range of creative ideas that will help you transform your home into a unique, personalised space.

Get inspired by the latest decorating trends to revamp your interior

Using a few simple and effective tricks, you can adapt your decor to different seasons. As such, you can create a warm and cosy decor in winter.

Create a Mediterranean atmosphere with decorative foutas

A fouta can be used as a decorative item if you want to create a warm, colourful atmosphere. This geometric fabric can be used to create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Choose from a wide variety of foutas in patterns, colours, finishes and materials. You can find models to suit your decor and taste. You can choose foutas in colours that harmonise with your living room or bedroom.

Timeless elegance: the charm of modern minimalism

Modern minimalism favors functionality, simplicity and restraint. The aim of this decorating style is to reduce furniture to create a harmonious, airy space.

Create a refined, Zen atmosphere

Free up space for better circulation

Choose light, neutral colours

Optimise space and simplify access

Design for your home decor: furniture that sets the trends

Design furniture stands out for its originality, functionality and aesthetics. This type of furniture has character and adds a touch of personality to your home.

Velvet sectional sofas

A velvet sectional sofas adds elegance to your room.

Solid wood canopy bed

The solid wood canopy bed is easy to maintain.

Design lacquered sideboard

A design lacquered sideboard brings a touch of elegance to your living room.

Glass and stainless steel dining table

A durable dining table adds beauty to your kitchen.

Rattan hanging chair

This chair invites you to relax and to travel.

Wood and metal hanging bookcase

A suspended bookcase in wood gives a warm and natural look.

Contemporary decor

For a contemporary look, choose sober and bright colours.

Bohemian decor

Bohemian chic decor invites you to travel and feel at home.

Scandinavian decor

In addition to being modern, Scandinavian style invites everyone to relax.

Industrial decor

Add charm and character to your interior.


The style of interior design

If you have an outdoor space, make it more enjoyable. You can decorate your balcony and terrace to suit your needs and tastes.

Bohemian, cosy, rustic, modern

Create your own style

Add life and freshness

Create a relaxing corner

Reinvent your decor room by room!

Discover tips for creating a decor that suits every room in your apartment or house. You can harmonise your rooms by adopting a common thread.

Colour and paint

The colour of your wall can influence your energy, mood and creativity.

Decorative objects

Decorate your home with objects such as a ceramic vase, a wall clock, a lamp…

Lighting & illumination

Choose the lighting in your home to create atmospheres and moods that enhance your decor.