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What wooden furniture for authentic cuisine?

What wooden furniture for authentic cuisine?

Quality at the best price

What we love about Schmidt cuisine is their quality! Indeed, the kitchen Schmidt you will enjoy all the benefits of high-end kitchens. First, the impeccable design will bring a real plus to your home, whether you have an open kitchen or not. Then, Schmidt kitchens highlight the best materials, which brings both great elegance and unwavering resistance. Despite their high quality, Schmidt kitchens are among the most accessible kitchen models on the market. With Schmidt, quality is at your fingertips!
A tailor-made kitchen with Schmidt

Even with the wide range of kitchen models available, you may not find the model you need. Do not be discouraged, because with the Schmidt kitchens, you’ll have it, the kitchen of your dreams! Indeed, you can customize your kitchen Schmidt. A wide choice of facade, worktop, storage furniture, table, chairs and even appliances such as hoods and hobs, are available. There is something for everyone: matt, glossy, solid wood, lacquered, ceramics …
How to choose the decoration of your kitchen?

The open kitchen is a good solution for any space and any type of accommodation. Defined amply, the open kitchen, also called American kitchen, is a kitchen on a smaller space designed so that it can fit into a larger space.

The open kitchen offers several advantages. It creates a friendly atmosphere in the house, because it allows to discuss to share good times during the preparation of the meal. It is more practical for families with children because it offers the possibility of watching children playing in the living room while preparing meals, and especially enjoy its guests while being “in the kitchen”.

The open kitchen is also a pleasant space for parties with friends or for holidays. It offers the opportunity to gather guests in one large space. Given all its advantages, it is not surprising that the kitchen open to living room, or dining room or assembling these two spaces is the preferred development of individuals.

Straight out of America, a true advocate of modernity, the open kitchen has truly transformed and continues to inspire contemporary kitchens. All forms of open kitchens are inspired by American cuisine. Warm and practical, open kitchens are living rooms.
What wooden furniture for authentic cuisine?

Despite the received ideas that the furniture made in wood are vintage, they knew how to adapt to our time to give an authentic and modern atmosphere. They are perfectly ingrained in all the styles of decoration that you want to give to your kitchen. Whether light or dark, they impose the natural in your kitchen. Here are some ideas for making your kitchen modern with wooden furniture to give it an authentic feel.
Combine the color white with wooden furniture: modern chic and elegant kitchen

Wood has always been the most popular material for furniture manufacturing. They are chosen for their authenticity and their contribution of unique atmosphere for your interior. However, some people associate it with the decoration of the past and consider it to be obsolete. However, it is a changing material that blends easily with any modern decoration. Nordic cuisine is usually adorned with wooden furniture like pine.
Choosing the dark color and the wood can make your kitchen modern

In an industrial kitchen, wood is an important element to make it bright. The result of a combination of black with the natural shade of wood is always exceptional.
You can also brighten up your country kitchen with furniture and wooden worktop. The final rendering can be tricky and rustic at the same time.
The wood goes perfectly with a stainless steel kitchen. Your kitchen will benefit from an innovative look in addition to the other benefits it presents. You have a professional kitchen that is simple, easy to maintain and does not require much effort to respect hygiene.
Besides black, gray color is also a trend in the kitchen today. You can choose gray coverings with wooden furniture. You can opt for a concrete worktop and put open cupboards in light wood. It is as good with a Scandinavian style as an industry style.
Opt for modern wooden furniture to make your everyday life easier

A kitchen is called modern, when it offers you an opportunity to work comfortably, regardless of the size of your home. A kitchen equipped with a wooden storage cabinet is currently the must of a modern kitchen. Aware of this demand, manufacturers offer design wooden storage cabinets, wooden drawers with accessories and wooden dividers, very well suited to your type of decoration.

Like all kitchen furniture, it is also possible to find a wooden kitchen cabinet with the usual functions, sliding shelves, drawers and also the possibility of embedding appliances such as ovens or others. Having a kitchen island is currently very trendy. With wood, it can be affordable and makes your kitchen functional.


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