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Vintage bulbs: decorative and fashionable decorative objects

Vintage bulbs: decorative and fashionable decorative objects

Resolutely trendy, design bulbs come in different forms on the market. They aim to enhance the decoration of your home and can be incandescent or LED.
Vintage bulbs: decorative and fashionable decorative objects
True object of decoration, the vintage bulb brings a particular atmosphere to your interior. It is currently trendy and fits easily with the decorative elements of each home. To be highlighted, it can be associated with an original luminaire.
This type of bulb offers an elegant style to your home or apartment. It can modernize an old chandelier, give a touch of originality to your workshop or spread a “recovery” spirit in your home.
Also known as Edison Bulb or Retro Bulb, this type of decorative object was created in 1879 by Thomas Edison. It is by passing a carbon filament under a vacuum bulb that he succeeds in producing sustainable lighting that is beneficial to many people during this period. Currently, vintage Edison bulbs are making their comeback and have the market coastline. They highlight materials such as metal, wood, etc.
This type of filament bulb is available in the form of stars, flames, hearts, etc. It can be round, oval, large or small and comes in different sizes and shapes to suit your tastes. Equipped with an amber glass and a carbon filament, this model diffuses a warm lighting. It can be placed in a modern house or in a rustic style house. It is also popular in interiors with retro decor.
If you want to decorate or transform the style of your home, opt for vintage bulbs. These can be incandescent or LED.
Enjoy the orange light of the incandescent filament bulb
The incandescent filament bulb differs from the LED filament bulb by its tungsten or twisted filament. It consumes 40 to 60 watts and exudes a lot of heat. Indeed, when it works with electric current, the filament that is in a glass shell turns red and heats. It must be known that it is by blushing that it produces light.
When the filament heats up, it produces an orange light, similar to a warm-white color temperature of 2600 Kelvin allowing to enjoy a felted and subdued atmosphere. Creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere that calls for relaxation, this bulb is particularly suitable for rooms.
Due to its high energy consumption, this model tends to be more and more rare on the market. It is substituted for the LED bulb, the compact fluorescent bulb and the halogen bulb.

Save money thanks to the LED filament bulb
Twisted, fir-shaped, star-shaped, etc. the LED filament bulb comes in different forms. In addition, depending on the color of the glass and that of the light in Kelvin degree, it is possible to create two kinds of atmosphere.

Fans of amber lighting of incandescent bulbs will enjoy this model while saving money. On the other hand, those who do not like this type of lighting will turn to the models equipped with the clear LED glass combined with a light color of 2700 K. Thus, they can appreciate a color that tends more towards the white than towards the yellow.

With the LED filament bulb, yellow tubes replace the filament of the incandescent bulb. However, some may not appreciate the color of the yellow tubes when the bulb is off.

Consume little energy, this bulb design generates more brightness than the incandescent bulb. In order to make you enjoy this type of lighting, it must be dimmable. In addition, in addition to reducing your energy bill, this model provides a return on investment. Indeed, compared to the incandescent bulb that lasts 2500 hours, it has a life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. In addition, some manufacturers offer you 3 to 5 years warranty.


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