The optical effect, a way to enlarge living room too small - bodrum escort izmir escort

The optical effect, a way to enlarge living room too small

The optical effect, a way to enlarge living room too small

Decorating a living room can be a challenge. A small area requires a layout of the furniture reflected to maximize the available space. The small interiors can look stifling and in this type of room, the lack of daylight only reinforces that feeling. So, even if we do not have the solution to all your problems, we can make you enjoy a few deco tips that will save you space.
3D wallpaper for living room

3D effects make us think primarily about cinema. Thanks to a precise work of the image and special glasses, the 2D images take shape and give a spectacular effect appearing in our reality. Although the technique used for three-dimensional wallpapers is similar, the results obtained are different. The main advantage of this type of interior decoration lies in its subtle ability to create an impression of space and depth. Certain patterns or pattern compositions on wallpaper deliberately fool the eye, your brain will see an impression of depth. Modern living room wallpapers with abstract, geometric patterns on a neutral background are perfect in this role. The characteristic solids, the bands or wavy lines recall the optical illusions so often used by Op’art in the 60s. If you wish to emphasize this effect, opt for wallpapers in harmony with the colors of the other walls of the living room. Thus, the wallpaper will blend beautifully with the decoration of the room making the limit between fiction and reality almost imperceptible.

Wallpaper with magnifying effect
If you are not fond of abstract and minimalist designs, you can still benefit from our decorative tips. Among the wide range of wallpapers, you will find a multitude of patterns that will expand your rooms. This is the case of modern living room wallpaper with the motif of spiral staircases in an industrial style. The metal stairs with openwork construction will make an expressive and practical decoration at a time. The impression of depth will save a few extra square meters to your room and the light appearance of this construction will not dominate your interior. For a more classic layout, a living room wallpaper showing a stone staircase will make a good alternative. Still in the architectural motifs, you can consider a tunnel pattern wallpaper that will extend your living room to perfection. A tunnel of stone, concrete, brick or glass, all depends on the style present in your interior.
Black: wallpaper for living room

Our third tip for the decor of the show could seem a little crazy. Indeed, we advise you to cover in black one of the walls of your small living room. Why go for a color so heavy and so expressive while your goal and make the room bigger? Well, contrary to appearances, there is a perfectly logical explanation for this. However, in order for this trick to work, two additional conditions must be met. First, the room must be able to take full advantage of the light of day or the black color will dominate the decor. Second, the other walls must be white. Only then will you get the desired contrast effect. The composition of the black wall and the three white surfaces will create a remoteness effect giving an optical illusion of infinite depth. This type of solution is perfect for a minimalist decor. If you are not convinced that you want to paint your walls in this color, design wallpaper is a great alternative. You can also decide for more delicate models of navy blue or graphite.
Interesting painting ideas for living room
Choosing the right living room painting ideas for your homes sometimes requires great effort – both in design and in realization. For our list today, we will show you some pictures of how you can make your homes brighter, or even create the illusion of being more spacious. Doing the things we can see here can involve a lot of planning, but when it’s done the right way, we’re pretty sure that the rewards will be a fascinating home.

These interesting ideas of salon painting are meant to teach us and inspire us. All the salons we are going to show you are simply painted. You will notice that adding the right decor or furniture will make your living room more beautiful than ever. Good reading!
The colors that have been used in this salon are easy in the eyes. The colors blend well with the furniture and decorations in the space by complementing each other.
A look at the walls and you know how playful is the owner of the house. The palette of colors used brightens the living room and gives a refreshing look to the entire room. The smooth walls are complemented by the colorful carpet.
Even in times when striped walls or wallpapers are widely used, some homeowners still love painting their walls with simple colors. This living room is an example of a simple painted wall and it is immortalized by the paint, the carpet and almost all the interior of the space.

Using totally different colors in a single space is a brave thing to do since we must always make sure that each color used is complementary to the other. In this case, we can see all this in a space.
A lot of orange which is the accent color for this living room. Very striking compared to red for the walls. The use of gray furniture makes the color more stand out.
Between all these chocolate orange living room decoration, you will discover good ideas and sometimes less good things to reuse at home to finally get to create an atmosphere “orange chocolate lounge” that will delight you completely. Spend a few minutes observing these visuals to keep in mind only the most essential elements for your decor.

To properly design a living room is not invented as you see it, each association of color or object must be perfectly considered methodically before the construction so that the final aspect is beautiful and pleasant to live every day.


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