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The infinity pool: what constraints, what cost?

The infinity pool: what constraints, what cost?

With a striking design, the infinity pool is as appealing to private individuals as hotels and leisure centers. This model considered the ultimate market is not easy to build. What are its constraints and how much does this type of pool cost? Answers.
A relatively complex construction

With a specific water evacuation system, the in-ground infinity pool has no skimmer and coping as opposed to conventional pools. Water overflows and flows directly into channels that recycle before returning to the pool via a filtration system. Offering an ingenious optical effect, the border is one with the horizon and gives the impression of an infinite space. On the market, there are many models of infinity pools to mention only the edge overflow, cascade overflow or mirror overflow. Given the technical nature of this construction, its implementation will require a host of specific installations starting with the buffer tank. Can be installed on one or more sides, it has the mission to recover the water that flows and must be equipped with level probes, an automatic water make-up, a non-return valve and than an overflow system.

A chute system may even be necessary in order to recover and return the water in the tank. In addition, it will be necessary to provide a suitable filtration system. The filter and the pump to be placed on an overflow pool must have a higher flow rate than that of conventional pools. A 2nd pump may even be required if the pool is very used. Another very important point: the waterfall releases a lot of carbon dioxide. This phenomenon has the effect of causing pH variations and favoring the appearance of pie. The installation of a carbon dioxide injection system will in particular rebalance this pH of the water.
The price of an infinity pool

In order to know the price of a swimming pool on, it is enough to overfly its various headings there. But it is already important to point out that the infinity pool is one of the most expensive on the market. The construction quote is 20 to 30% higher compared to a conventional pool. This additional cost is explained by the more numerous and sophisticated equipment that it needs.

In addition, the construction must be supported by a professional who is better able to ensure the conformity of the project. A budget between 15,000 and 20,000 euros is expected. This average fare will vary greatly depending on certain criteria, starting with the earthworks. Two basins are to be built (swimming pool and buffer tank) and the site will be led on a slope that complicates things. The choice of material also affects the quote. And what about the dimensions. It goes without saying that the bigger the pool, the more expensive it will be to build. Finally, the amenities around are not to be overlooked, because they play a lot on the overall aesthetics of the pool.


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