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The details of the decoration of the party

The details of the decoration of the party

We always have a good opportunity to party and have fun. But, have you thought of a festive decor to celebrate your birthday or your wedding? Decorating your home can be child’s play once the theme of the party is set and a few small details set. Make a point with this checklist of the essential elements to succeed your decoration.
The theme of the party sets the tone

The choice of theme is the most important step for a good decor. Depending on the occasion, it can impose itself: a superhero decoration for the birthday of the youngest or a girly decoration for a bachelor party girl. But why not surprise your guests with an unexpected decor? For example, for a wedding decoration, a bohemian or nature atmosphere can be considered or, conversely, a wedding of stars with a cinema atmosphere and Cannes festival! To inspire you, sites like offer original ideas.

Your colors must be in keeping with the theme. Often, it is advisable to choose a maximum of two dominant colors, to match with black and / or white. For example, the rose is needed for a party between girls. For a birthday, you can also take the opposite of this rule and opt for the multicolor by choosing a rainbow of colors. In short, the colors are the essential element not to neglect because they will create a festive atmosphere alone.
Create a festive mood on the table as well as on the walls

The decoration of the table is an opportunity to play with the codes of the party. Think of an original tableware, put objects related to your theme on the table, draw a beautiful tablecloth. For a wedding decoration, the set should remain classic but for a birthday decoration, the decoration of the table may be an opportunity to host the buffet and it can be much more worked. And do not forget the party items: funny paper napkins, straws with small figurines on them, etc. Also think about having some flowers on the table! The arrangement of the main room must be as neat. Hang lanterns, garlands or balloons. Make sure your guests remember this piece! Use all the space of the room without being afraid of overloading it and especially let your imagination speak! Many sites, such as that of the party giant, offer original party items.
The details of the decoration of the party

Finally, the final touch to a successful party decoration is of course the light. Sealed for an evening or more discreet during the day, the light must reflect the atmosphere of your party. Go for candles for a late night atmosphere more conducive to confidences. For a birthday party, do not miss out on the inevitable mirror ball or neon lights to extend the evening until the end of the night! For children, focus above all on simplicity and security. Last step, consider giving a sample of your party decor to your guests. Small attention always appreciated, your guests will surely be delighted to be able to carry a small souvenir home of your party!
You are spoiled for choice on the market to find a new sofa for your living room. To find the perfect model, consider the sofa style that matches your decor. Then, consider the size, structure and cladding of the sofa to sort.
Which sofa model to choose?

The main criterion is the type of sofa you want to buy because it is primarily a piece of furniture. This is mainly the shape if you are looking for a straight sofa or corner sofa. If you want to make your couch an extra bed, you can turn to the convertible corner couch. Then think about the built-in options. Some models have drawers under the meridian part or the side of the armrest. If you have a convertible sofa, these storage spaces are used to store your sheets, your ears and your plaids during the day. You will find a model that suits you perfectly on The convertible corner sofa has many advantages. Contrary to popular belief, it is not reserved only for modern salons. The convertible sofa brings a warm touch that invites you to relax with its welcoming cushions. But, the most important thing is that the sofa can be turned into a cozy bed after dark. You can also use it as a relaxation area during the day to watch TV or read a book.
What is the ideal size for your sofa?

Did you fall for a sofa model? Before taking the step, first evaluate its dimensions. Do not buy a sofa too small or too big for your living room. The goal is to create a true harmony in your stay. Feel free to take measurements of where you want to install your sofa in the living room. Then compare them with the sofa on which you flashed. Then ask yourself if you want to buy a 2, 3 or 6 seater sofa. In addition, note that the sofa must pass through the door of your home. Take into account its size and shape if it can very well go through the door, the stairs or the elevator of the building. A sofa that fits perfectly with the space you have is a good thing. But, one must also take into account its quality which depends on the structure and the coating. Anyway, you can refer to the NF standard to guarantee the quality of your furniture. There are three levels, including the reference standard that certifies the safety, strength and durability of the furniture. Then there is the standard requirement which, in addition, guarantees the choice of materials, the quality of execution and finish. Finally, there is the prestige standard that refers to the nobility and the authenticity of the realization.

Which type of coating to choose?
Whether you choose a straight sofa or convertible corner sofa, the upholstery should not be taken lightly. Your home furnishings can be made of cotton blends or not with wool. Cotton is appreciated for its cheaper side. However, he can very quickly become a victim of stains. Leather is the material that ages best with a beautiful patina. You have the choice between different finishes: pigmented, printed or aniline. On the other hand, the leather is expensive and it does not resist the claws of animal if you have a cat. The velvet is very soft and offers a cozy and noble touch to your stay. Finally, you have the synthetic fabrics that resist the most stains and wear. In all cases, choose a sofa with removable cover to wash apart the coating


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