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Te Secret of Happy Marriage!

Te Secret of Happy Marriage!

Sleep always reflects real life no matter how mysterious and it is amazing. We can dream absolutely fantastic pictures that are not related to earthly life or in a dream maybe people from different layers of time and sometimes dead with the living. Do not be afraid of dreams, you just need to be able to understand their meaning. Erotic is probably the most important place in any person’s life. To love and to be loved, the desire of every living creature on earth, but not always erotic dream expresses the lack of carnal love in our lives, but at some point it may be the case, but not always.
Erotic dreams are very instructive in its content, and often talk about certain events that are important to us or the quality of character you want to change or pay particular attention to. Sleep – it is our subconscious talk to us, because in the daily hustle and bustle of cases we do not get his voice soft, and if they hear not provided value or not attention.

About telling erotic dreams

If a dream of violence, and you – the victim, it is a signal that you want to get rid of something that binds you. If you dream that you are taking on the role of the rapist, then you have something depressing in life that you are ready to use force to end it.

You can dream a dream that you have sex in front of people. Typically, these dreams say that everything is not going well in your life, there are times that you are not satisfied, but you do not know – which one it points to. Just the discomfort, and not necessarily in sexual terms – this discomfort can treat a living area.

If a dream in which you have sex with you, it always points to low self-esteem. This is a big problem in life, which can play a bad joke. From there we must get rid of as soon as possible! Low self-esteem is always a big obstacle to achieving life goals.Lesbian love dreams do not speak tracks, just you lack affection, warmth and love in a dream symbol that is female image. Perhaps, that in real life, you do not have enough femininity and dream that you vospolnyaete this gaping possession of a woman who embodies these qualities.

In the dream, you can see yourself in a male image. This usually indicates that you want to be more active in sex, but there are some psychological barriers usually in nature: for example, the installation of the public on a passive role in women’s lives, especially in sex. It can also be an expression of interest for the male in terms of what men can feel when making love how they feel inside. Another point can be a psychological protection of sex with a partner who does not satisfy you, you take on the role of men, as if compensation for this partner’s bad action for you, do what you want to get from him.

Sex with a friend’s husband – another can not express the unconscious desire to move him into a relationship of love. Perhaps some of the qualities of this attractive man and you would like to see them in your current partner, did not miss you.

Dreaming of sex with a stranger says that your life is so sad and monotonous that I want the changes needed – new emotions, impressions and events. A stranger is just the way these changes are sought by all your being.

If you had an old boyfriend with whom you are divorced more than communicating, he usually does not talk about your feelings for him to continue, some anxiety or love preserved – reminds that in your life remain some questions in suspense that urgent need to finish. In addition, this dream can be considered as the previous dream about sex with a stranger, you are missing new experiences.
What to expect from female sexuality after childbirth?

Note that the nature of sexuality (so-called libido) can change not only and not so much in pregnancy, but (usually) after birth when a woman feels a new status, a new social role. This, of course, can not affect the mood of her sex in general.
New problems and concerns, fatigue and lack of sleep tend to blunt sexual desire or kill completely. Unforgettable feelings experienced during childbirth can unconsciously impress a scared woman and pain before any intervention in the intimate sphere. In addition, nature is so consciously and unconsciously all the attention of a young mother sent the child.
But this is one side of the coin. Many women, on the other hand, quickly adapt to the new conditions, feel good and ready does not stand up to half-two months, and bring their first postpartum intercourse the most: the first day of the release of hospital.
When to start?

Yet, especially those who wish to suffer need. The term, which will be shifted the same the first time, depends on many factors: the delivery method (caesarean section or natural delivery); gaps in availability and pits (episiotomy) during childbirth and the natural healing process; how will decrease the uterus after childbirth and how fast goes natal selection (lohii). And of course, on how to adapt quickly to new conditions very young mother. It is not for nothing that the doctors fixed term and half – two months and not two days or two weeks.
Erroneous to assume that if the operation was performed cesarean or natural birth passed without tearing and episiotomy, then there is no danger to break the calm before intercourse. No matter what the delivery was: the uterus and the genitals during the time of cure open to infections. In addition, active sex can cause bleeding that the uterus after childbirth – is, in essence, all sore. It takes time to heal and attach to a place in the placenta. And yet – there are small blood vessels in the vagina that heal quickly, but sudden movements can begin to bleed.
A month later, the woman should examine gynecologist. Only a doctor can determine how much is done in order to disrupt the peace of sexual recommendation.
A man should not stay away

It has been said above that female sexuality after birth can be subject to significant changes: some women, it sometimes increases, in others, on the other hand, is reduced. The first option, of course, better and with it all clear. And if the term has come, everything seems correct, the man carried all the waiting and without desire? First of all, you must accept and understand that lack of sexual desire after childbirth – a transient phenomenon. However, some are back to normal in a month, and others – six months or a year. But the main thing to know that everything will be restored and this temporary nuisance.

A man must not be outside. How long does the young mother return to normal and depends directly on her. On women’s sexual desire affects emotions, the man is important during this period to give the woman a feeling that she is not the only one; she is still sexually attractive. Talk about more compliments (which is very important for women in the postpartum period), to help around the house, go for a walk with the baby, mom giving a way to relax.
And, of course, in the process of sex should not forget that the first sexual intercourse after giving birth – women as it is for the first time at all. Be careful, tender and tasty; Prepare to feel the woman who gave you one more child than himself; be ready to stop at any moment, sacrificing their feelings. You will be rewarded late in the day.
Always thought that men make his compliments to the ladies. Is it correct? Yes of course! Woman, sweet, gentle vulnerable creatures who simply can not live without compliments and sweet words to her address. And preferably more often these words sound better. Pleasant words are essential for women like air, like water, like food in the end.
In this case, the man does not differ from women. Boys have happy owners ears. They need a nice warm words, not less than you. And unlike. Lamai stereotypes and compliments skupysya not for her husband. Here are some examples of what is and what can you say to my nice husband, warm words.
He did something for you

Couple whispering together indoors

Suppose you come home from work, and your dinner prepared pious. So he thought of you, that you just tired of work. “Well, so smart that wizard! And I did it without you? If you’re not a favorite, I have two rush hours in the kitchen, thank you very much.” Yes, yes, it’s expensive! And do not be too greedy, do not lose anything of yourself. And conversely, just add your favorite you some benefits in my head. And next time he’s going to cook dinner again.
Gave you flowers, so, is not it great? And the flowers have just been introduced from work and gave you a bouquet of red roses or daisies field. Spare parts no kind words in reply, say you are very kind.
If you need something

It’s no secret that you as a woman, not only white and mellow, but insidious, cunning that no insidious. Do you want here is a red expensive beautiful dress. Go ahead, neither dress like your favorite, touch, look in the eyes of her husband, say like this dress perfectly village on you, because next to a man like him must be the most beautiful, the most beautiful woman of the world, or right? I do not think he’ll answer that no man of broken pride, you know. Of course, if people have the means, then you dress pocket, in the worst case, he will have in mind that you must dress and do everything to facilitate his purchase.


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