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Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian furniture

In recent years, the Scandinavian decoration gradually wins our interior. One can often be tempted by the warm and simple features of furniture and accessories in the Scandinavian style. If you also want to invite Nordic design into your living room or dining room, find all the information on this topic in this guide. Scandinavian decoration, kezako?
The art of Scandinavian decoration was born in the 50’s in northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland … It was born thanks to the wind of modernism that was blowing in these countries in these countries. time.
Scandinavian creators were looking for simple yet functional furniture with affordable prices for everyone. They also sought to impose a warm and natural atmosphere in homes. Today, who is not tempted by the authenticity of Scandinavian design in terms of interior design? The Scandinavian style gives our interior a vintage and trendy look, from floor to ceiling. It takes precedence over the use of natural raw materials

In this concept of interior decoration, wood, in all its aspects, is in the spotlight. Whether pine, birch or oak, this material emits a simplistic and raw look in the rooms. It fits easily with glass, metal or marble. The Scandinavian style also favors the softness of cotton and wool. On the sofa, at the foot of the bed or on the dining table, do not hesitate to put everywhere. These materials give your home a warm and cozy atmosphere. On the color side, the Nordic style highlights white as well as neutral colors (gray, beige, …). Pastel colors such as powder pink or light green will not be left out. The rooms are bathed in light. So, we must prefer the light curtains that let the light rays pass. It is also possible to have some candles or a lamp to get dim lights at night.
Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian furniture is known for being sober and comfortable. They are characterized by their clean lines. The outlines are straight and well thought out. In addition, they are light and easy to handle. The furniture with legs compass illustrate the elegance of good Scandinavian furniture. The same is true for low tables, ant chairs and stools with avant-garde aspects. Take a look at to admire the beauty of this style of furniture. The furniture called “Scandinavian” must also be easy to use. But still, they are made to last. They are strong and do not die easily over time. The choice of materials, mainly hardwood, keeps Scandinavian furniture intact and always shining after years of use. This is the case of the timeless vintage table. It combines the robustness, the refinement of the borders and the naturalness of a well-worked wood. Many find in it the Scandinavian furniture par excellence.
Minimalism and decoration
More than a lifestyle, minimalism is also an interior design style that favors uncluttered spaces. It helps to create in the rooms an atmosphere where life is good. We get rid of all the useless furniture and taking a lot of space in the rooms and we focus on the essential. Some furniture with a refined geometry, a well-lit lamp … It’s enough to make our interior zen and authentic.
With minimalism, the time is sober colors such as white, black or gray. Care must be taken to harmonize the colors of the furniture in the room. It is possible to opt for a monochromatic choice as it is interesting to play on contrasts, white and black, for example. The color of the walls, the ceiling, the floor and all the furniture must match. We must leave the small details (cushions, trinkets, small lamp …) more colorful keys. The concept of minimalism fits easily into Scandinavian design. It uses simple materials. Glass and concrete are frequently used for the bare appearance they evoke. The minimalist style also favors the use of wood, aluminum or vinyl.
Why adopt Scandinavian decoration?
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You just have to know how to adapt your choices according to different criteria such as the characteristics of your targets or the means at your disposal. So, to help you in your quest, see in the lines that follow different techniques to find his first customers

Since the 60s, the Scandinavian style has not stopped to impress lovers of interior design. He had a few revolutions to come to Scandinavian design today. However, he has kept his originality. The big names in the world of Scandinavian furniture such as IKEA have contributed greatly to its success.
In recent years, many are seduced by the clean lines and neutral tones of Scandinavian furniture. The latter offers an idyllic and pleasant living environment. But, the green aspect of this trend also attracts a lot of fans. Today’s customers are more sensitive to the respect of the environment. They prefer to turn to natural materials
A big plus for Scandinavian design is that it’s easy to set it up in the house. As long as you respect the color code and the good furniture, you will be able to compose as you please your interior under the Nordic theme. However, you can always seek the advice of an expert not to fool you in your choices. But still, you will not risk being overtaken by the decorating trends for soon. Scandinavian furniture is considered timeless. Over the years, all you need to do is change a few accessories and this Scandinavian furniture will look like new.
The Scandinavian decoration is really on the rise. So, if you plan to sell your home in a future more or less close, remember to restore it in Scandinavian style. You will have to deal with many potential buyers and it will sell in record time. Everyone (or almost) falls in love with the elegance and sweetness of a “Nordic” decorated room.


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