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Play well on colors

Play well on colors

It is sometimes difficult to find an original idea to decorate a bathroom, knowing that the room often has dimensions too modest. But the narrowness of this important part of the house should not be a hindrance to his project to add an original style.
Play well on colors
For small bathrooms, there is nothing better than choosing colors. Clear paints are often popular because they give the occupants the impression of being in a large space. For a luxurious touch throughout the room, simply choose a glossy finish. Do not neglect the choice of colors of the accessories. Decoration professionals insist on the use of warm colors to create a relaxed atmosphere throughout this room.
Focus on lighting
Lighting is also important to have a room that looks great. To combine spacious room and relaxation, it is necessary, however, to avoid too strong lights. The installation of a bright light not far from the bathroom mirror is also another attractive decorative option. Note that the secret of a soft atmosphere in this room is based on the use of luminaires with a dimmer.

Get mirrors

The choice of the mirror model must be made according to the number of occupants. A family made up of several people must opt for an inclined mirror. The mirror can also be transformed into an important element of decoration of the bathroom. For example, to have an impression of depth, just put this accessory in front of the door.
Decorate without spending too much Whatever the budget, it is possible to make a modern bathroom by playing on decorative objects. To avoid ruin, simply paint the floor and walls and think about changing some accessories.
A vintage style decoration is all that a home needs to create an original atmosphere in each room of the house. It’s a 1950s style, however, it’s not time-challenged and is still welcome in a room to make it attractive. This style is achieved by playing on the main elements, including warm materials, soft lights and, of course, vintage furniture.
Bet on the color balance
The vintage style is based mainly on the use of warm colors, such as bottle green, mustard yellow, duck blue and many others. But the painting must be done with care. For the decoration of some small items, like the plaid or the cushions, the orange and mustard yellow colors are perfect. Yet they are not ideal for walls. Do not take the wedding of colors lightly either. For example, the duck blue can go perfectly with mustard yellow. To have a true vintage style, it is enough to marry brown and orange.
Opt for lighting
The vintage style is obtained by playing on luminaires, suspensions as well as extra lamps. The ideal is to use the appropriate accessories that are based on raw materials, including metal and steel. It is also possible to use articulated arm lamps for a perfect vintage style.
Choose the right materials
You also need to think about choosing materials, including long pile carpets and velvet curtains. The marriage of two materials is also a good idea for a true vintage style. As for the reasons, it is necessary to privilege the flowers as well as the graphic characters.
3 essential steps for a perfect exterior
A perfect exterior must consist of a green and healthy lawn and furniture that meets the desired style: classic, romantic, modern … Without doubt, a radiant garden provides more value to the entire home. Moreover, it is a place in its own right where it is good to relax.
Leave no room for debris

For a perfect garden, the first step is to rid it of debris, dead plants and leaves. In addition to its aesthetic effect, this action helps to ensure the health of plants by reducing insect problems. To remove debris in a large garden, the use of a vacuum cleaner is an effective method. But for a small space, the gardener only has to use a rake. Many other tools must also be used in this essential step, including trowel, fork and shears.
How to have a green lawn?

A well-maintained lawn is the main element of a perfect garden. Mowing must be done with a good lawn mower so that some areas are not stripped. It is necessary to start by cutting the points of the grass in a way to have straight strands. It is also advisable to use good fertilizers to feed the grass. To drive away the moss, the gardener only needs to use nitrogen that will help grow the grasses.
To prune trees

A good gardener does not hesitate to prune trees while ensuring their good health and the aesthetics of the outside of the house. He chose to do this action in the spring, an ideal season for cutting plants. To carry out this work, he puts only on adequate tools. For non-fruit trees, it must start by removing dead branches.


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