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Paintings Ideas

Paintings Ideas

We sometimes need a little more color in our home. For that I had the crush for this trend that I would call

wall painting “flashy wall”. The goal is to have one wall with a flashy color. This gives another color to our room.

Either we make strips on our wall with a color, or repaint the ceiling, or paint doors, or play on a duet by mixing a flashy color with a lighter color.

The different colors in flashy that we can use: acid green, blue, yellow, turquoise, orange, pink and sand gray.
Nothing better for our morality than a touch of color at home!

This year we mix the natural in our home with wood, stone and vegetable. Then we also highlight the metal by recalling the loft atmosphere.

We also use light colors with beige, white. Then we achieve a color contrast with more flash colors such as orange, red, green and also blue.

We also mix the shapes of objects; rectangle, triangle and round. As well as the texture of objects.

Finally we purify our space to make it warmer and more practical too.

See you soon for new decorating ideas!


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