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Optimize the layout of your kitchen

Optimize the layout of your kitchen

A well-designed kitchen is a kitchen that meets two requirements: ergonomics and functionality. The tasks of everyday life must be able to be carried out without hindrance, which means to be able to move in a defined space and to have what you need at your fingertips. To gain comfort and efficiency, we will study a kitchen plan around what is called the triangle of activity.
What is the activity triangle?

The activity triangle organizes the kitchen so as to facilitate the movement between the 3 zones around which the most common tasks (including the preparation of meals) are carried out: the washing pole, the cooking pole and the food storage pole. The goal here is to reduce the number of steps needed between the refrigerator, the sink and the plates, but also to arrange the space so as not to find obstacles in its path and thus avoid bumping. One can even include the part work plan and speak of a rhombus of activity, with a fourth zone dedicated to the preparation.
Optimize the layout of your kitchen

To limit the round trips and avoid the painful gestures, the ideal is to have a work plan arranged in L or U, with a circulation space of at least 90 cm between each element. The activity triangle should also be designed with respect to the dining area. Count also at least 90 cm around the table. If you have a little more space, provide a more comfortable area of 120 cm will easily move behind the chairs when sitting. Each of the poles of activity can then be arranged more efficiently.

Optimize the storage of foodstuffs. This space usually corresponds to the fridge / freezer. One can however group together in a same area a storage space that would bring at hand both the fresh products, which need to be kept cold so that non-perishable goods. Providing storage near the refrigerator is a good idea, and can also save time when storing his shopping.

Optimize the washing pole. This area is the sink, but also in the dishwasher. The ideal is to be able to easily bring dirty dishes from one to another without having to cross the room. Another practical detail: dispose of the bin nearby to gain efficiency when ridding the table. The gestures can be reduced to the minimum necessary and the limited comings and goings: deposit the dirty plates on the worktop, throw the leftovers in the trash, if necessary rinse them in the sink before putting them in the machine.
Optimize the cooking pole. These are the hobs, usually embedded in the worktop, but also the oven. The latter is most often installed under the hot spot, but to avoid having to bend down it may be interesting to have it at eye level. If space allows, it is possible to provide a cabinet wall in the extension of the work plan and install the oven. This arrangement thus leaves space to store pots and other utensils, and have them at hand.
While having a functional kitchen is important, it is equally important to have an ergonomic kitchen. Every day, we spend time preparing meals, or doing the dishes, so it is essential to perform these tasks as comfortably as possible.

A worktop that is too high makes you raise your arms and needs your shoulders unnecessarily. Conversely, if it is too low it will have to bend, which can eventually cause pain in the back or neck. To avoid tensions caused by bad postures, the ideal is therefore to have a kitchen fitted according to its morphology, with a work plan at the right height.

Determine the ideal height of a work plan

The standard height for a worktop is between 90 and 94 cm, but it can be adjusted to the size of each individual. In France, based on the average size of the population, the ideal height of a worktop is about 92 cm.

If we want to be even more precise, we should adapt these dimensions to each function. To peel vegetables for example, the ideal is to have the arms at 90 °. It is the most comfortable for washing, peeling, or doing the dishes. To avoid having to lift your shoulders or lean over the sink, the correct height is here between 90 and 94 cm. As for cooking, however, the work plan should, ideally, be a little lower: if you want to see what happens in the pan, you must indeed look above. Better therefore, that the hobs are not installed too high.

You will understand, find the ideal height is a real puzzle! Especially within a family, everyone is not the same size. The goal here will be to find the best possible compromise.

Today, kitchens with islands have become a fashion phenomenon. This renovation involves placing in the center of the room furniture for cooking or preparation. Aesthetic and friendly, the kitchen island is a link between the kitchen and the living room and it is a very good idea of modern and functional kitchen design. An island for the worktop, for a cooking surface or for washing; discover the one that suits you best.
A washing island

The island of washing is an interesting option and especially aesthetic if you miss space along the walls. It is mainly composed of a dishwasher and a sink for rinsing fruits and vegetables. Its installation requires breaking the floor for the evacuation of water and requires you to raise the furniture on a platform to conceal the pipes. The power supply of the dishwasher is also expected if you want to build a washing island in your kitchen.


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