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Old tiles

Old tiles

Born in Provence in the early twentieth century, this brick-colored coating has fallen into disuse because it is considered old-fashioned, before returning in force in recent years, where its variations of ocher give our interiors warmth and authenticity. The tomettes, although porous and delicate, bring to the space a real supplement of soul and turn the bedroom into refuge timeless, where they leave a soft feeling of freshness under the feet. We like: This ancient material which, mixed with much more contemporary elements, takes a real youthful look.
The PVC or vinyl floor is a magic coating, which allows the diversity of its finishes, but also its easy implementation, to quickly change the appearance of our bedroom. With its many patterns and decorations, it can remain sober or mimic wood, stone or cement tiles. And yet the PVC floor is made of plastic. It will be chosen without VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to protect its health but also the environment. We like: This floor sets trompe-l’oeil that sets the tone in the room, without making concessions. Its flexibility, its resistance, but also its ease of maintenance make it the ideal covering of the rooms of child.
The cork floor is a durable and durable material, which finds its place particularly well in a bedroom.
Softer than wood and warmer than tiles, cork, with its natural flexibility, is particularly pleasant when you walk barefoot. Although porous, it is easy to clean and offers a very good sound and thermal insulation. We like: This ecological soil (environmentally friendly but also health) which offers a nice alternative to wood. Its natural and warm appearance brings a lot of comfort and character to the bedroom.


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