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Making Space

Making Space

Painted black parquet … If the floor in the room is faded or if its essence no longer agrees, do not hesitate to play with the paint. To ensure the best result, care should be taken to sand the surface thoroughly and clean the space before applying a suitable paint. The special floor or parquet paints already include a hardener, which helps to protect the structure a bit. We like: The parquet painted black in the bedroom. It creates an enveloping cocoon that accentuates the intimate and private effect of the place.
Or in white
Conversely, a white painted floor will tend to enlarge the space and accentuate the light. Dance in the bedroom, it will be softness and serenity. We like: The natural materials (cotton, linen, wool), associated with this brilliant ground, give an appearance to the bedroom.
Laminate parquet
The laminate is a very durable and easy-care floor, thanks to the rigidity of its support and the thickness of the element that comes to protect its decor. It is often taken for parquet – as much as its imitation can be successful. Its floating pose is easy to implement, but the result has low phonic performance. Thus, to dampen footsteps in this place dedicated to relaxation and healing, it will be necessary to provide an insulating underlayer when laying a laminate floor.We like: The beautiful alternative to parquet that the laminate offers. Less expensive than solid wood, it is still very aesthetic.
Sisal is a vegetable fiber derived from agave which, braided, is particularly resistant to wear. Of a naturally creamy white color, it is the vegetable fiber that best supports the dyes. Warm and supple, sisal is particularly adapted to the rooms, because it is also able to regulate the hygrometry. During a natural process, the fiber stores the moisture present in a room and restores it when the ambient air is dried.We like: The exotic wind blowing in the bedroom with sisal, that the it will be accentuated with marine or craft accessories according to the desires.
Cement tiles are at the moment essential for decoration. And if we generally favor small areas or places of passage to affix these extremely heavy flooring, nothing prevents us from installing them in a bedroom.
With its strong patterns and colors doomed to skate, the cement tile floor becomes graphic, even hypnotic.On likes: The layout and decoration while sober this bedroom that lets the floor express itself. It is he who defines the aesthetics of the place.


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