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Make your own coffee table: The material

Make your own coffee table: The material

Home-made furniture is currently popular on social networks: cheaper, more “authentic” and especially made-to-measure, they have everything to please! We therefore propose to make your own wooden coffee table, to dress up your living room
Make your own coffee table: the material
You will first have to dress in “work” mode: loose clothing, and especially that we can stain, are de rigueur. There is also plenty of room for quiet craftsmanship, but it is best to settle outdoors, if that’s possible.
It is also better to wear closed shoes – exit the flip flops therefore – to avoid any risk of accident: do not worry, make your own table is not complicated, but you certainly do not want to receive a wooden board on your barefoot !
For a 100% custom wood coffee table with metal legs, you will need:
A wooden board to be sanded or a solid beech panel already ready, the size of your choice
A wooden cleat length at least twice the width of your table (if it is 90 cm wide, plan a cleat 180 cm long), 5 cm wide or more, and about 2 cm thick
Sandpaper or an electric sander if the wood is raw
Varnish, if the wood is not already treated and brushes
4 metal legs, with a height of 30 and 45 cm (depending on how you visualize your coffee table, how high is the seat of your sofa …)

A saw with wood
Thirty wood screws (for the cleat and feet)
And an electric screwdriver.
Steps to create your wooden table with metal legs
Now that you are properly equipped, just follow the guide:
(This step is optional, if you have a wood panel already ready, go directly to Step 2) Carefully sand your wood plank and varnish it, then let it dry.
Cut your cleat into two pieces, slightly shorter than the width of your board: if it is 90 cm, count 85 cm in length for each end of cleat.
Put your plank of wood on the ground, with the face “below” facing you.
Position the two pieces of cleat over the width of the board, parallel to the edge, each at one end of the table and about 10 cm from the edge (use a square).

Screw them in using 4 or 5 wood screws distributed all along.Place your table legs by blocking them against the cleats, “inside” the board and screw them (make sure to put them straight and aligned).Your table is ready, you can return it and place it in your living room!
In terms of interior decoration, ethnic decoration is becoming more and more popular. In principle, it uses exotic objects, each of which can not go unnoticed while being one with all the decorations.
An ethnic decoration is to opt for a typical South American, Asian, African or any other destination.
Made with taste, it can only be genuine and harmonious. It allows to set up a unique stamp in the living rooms.
Latin America is mainly recognized by objects such as the pre-Columbian sun, masks, Brazilian hammock, sarape, Mexican maracas or the Bolivian pan flute.
Each of the ethnic decorations are accompanied by a typical atmosphere. An African-style decoration draws a warm and lively atmosphere. It is ideal in a bedroom for example. You can have these statues on the wall, after your bed purchase in Lyon or elsewhere. Also opt for sheets in shades of brown and orange.

An ornament with Asian features calls for tranquility and calm. A futon, bought in a cheap bed shop, is the ultimate Asian bed. As for an interior decorated in the South American, it releases a gay, festive and jovial atmosphere. It’s all just a matter of taste.

Whether ethnic decoration is typical or mixed, it must allow to escape to fairy places, in one or more distant countries. Anyway, the room is decorated so as to obtain an intimate atmosphere. After your purchases in a bed shop in Lyon or anywhere in France, develop your project by determining the style you want to bring in your bedroom.

The living room is, for its part, the perfect place for trinkets, figurines and different ethnic furniture.

For an even more successful ethnic decoration, it is important to opt for objects made of natural materials. However, nothing prevents everyone from adding modern touches, so that the decor is more in tune with current trends.

So that the atmosphere is completely exotic, the addition of some scents and aromas from elsewhere gives an even more refined tone to an ethnic interior decoration.


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