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Livingroom Decorate!

Livingroom Decorate!

Choose white as the dominant color of a living room

Now that my children are grown up and there is no longer any risk that they write on the couches, or leave their dirty hands hanging on the walls, it is the occasion or never for me to redo the decoration of my living room. I chose white!
Why white?

While some people think that white is too simplistic, messy, or even cold, I simply find this color natural, classic and contemporary. Commonly used as the dominant color of the living rooms including the living room, living room and dining room, the white, in all its nuances, subtly bring the touch of dynamism and modernity, so necessary to these places of life.

But did you know that white as a wall paint is perfect for illuminating rooms that are poorly lit by natural light? Otherwise, if you want to give a nice enlarging effect to a room a little cramped, this neutral color is particularly recommended.

The total white look for the walls

Since I was off to a complete makeover of my living room, there was no way for me to do things halfway, especially if I wanted to get the effect of modernity so much sought after. My decision was made and I completely painted the walls of the room in white, but also the ceiling, the skirting boards and the window sills. A choice that I have not regretted at all, since the result is most successful.

What’s more, as the floor of the living room is in natural wood, the chocolate color of the floor contrasts beautifully with the whole. Not to mention the authentic, as well as warm character suggested by the wood.
The choice of furniture

As for the furniture in the living room, I also chose white for all the furniture. In addition, when I went looking for my sofa, I was not aware that this color was very trendy and many people now choose their sofas and armchairs in white. Naturally, I immediately fell for a white sofa.

However as “too much white kills the white”, I still allowed some fantasies and to do this, I chose instead cushion cushions and removable covers with patterns, in shades of pastel blue. It will be the same for the decorative cushions that are sometimes white and sometimes blue. Guaranteed effect!


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