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Kitchen Decorate!

Kitchen Decorate!

You plan to remake your kitchen, your living room or your stay but you have no idea of the painting budget to devote to these works? Here is an estimate of the price of this work to allow you to project better.
Decoration project: do and redo

Time passes, the modes change and in terms of interior decoration, trends follow and are not alike. Finished the time when we kept the same furniture several years, see a decade. From now on, the decoration is thought of in the short term and according to the trends of the decorators and other influencers, that it is on the choice of the colors or the elements of decoration.

Simply, redoing a kitchen, living room or any other room requires everything to start from scratch and inevitably, the first renovation to be done is painting. It is therefore necessary to move the room, store the furniture in a dry place and protected from temperature variations. Then you have to remove the decorations and the different elements already present. If the wall is covered with tapestry, you must naturally remove and remove traces of glue, a long and tedious but necessary work. A big job of preparation of the walls must be done, a craftsman painter can carry out these works.

Budget painting to predict

The painting budget will essentially vary depending on the level of preparation of the walls and the different surfaces to paint. As a general rule, the price per m² will fluctuate between 30 and 40 euros, for a kitchen with a surface of 10 m², the gross budget to provide is at most 400 euros for the application of paints. At this amount, you have to add the under layer and the finishing paint.

The budget may vary depending on the preparatory work but also depending on the location of your home, that is to say that in the capital or in large metropolises, the rates tend to be higher than in the province. Finally, the choice of eco-friendly paints that produce less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can have an impact on price, but will have significant health benefits, especially if the work involves a child’s room.
What should I ask for a quote?

The ideal way to get an accurate quote and a fair pricing is to solicit the quote of a craftsman in painting, it is possible to appeal to several craftsmen at the same time to be able to compare prices. The artisan painter will simply need to know the volume in m² and the level of preparation of the walls, a site visit can prove to be very useful to accurately quantify the amount of paint work.

Note that the trip can not be charged to the customer, just like the quote which must imperatively remain a free service. What’s more, some online services offers to solicit several craftsmen by filing a single request painting quote.


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