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Illuminate well to decorate

Illuminate well to decorate

An island of preparation / meals

This model does not require plumbing or drainage such as washing. It is therefore cheaper and easier to install. On the other hand, it is necessary to make electrical installations in the case where one wishes to use household robots. In general, it is a combination of two low furniture placed back to back and surmounted by a large worktop. Storage spaces should not be neglected: drawers are more practical and take up little space than closets. The little preparation island also serves dining table to take meals. It will then be laid out with chairs
A cooking island

This islet becomes the central element of the kitchen, because it includes both storage space, cooking surface and worktop. After the plate and sink, you can also incorporate an oven or a freezer. The cooking island is the most coveted, but its installation is more expensive because it requires more work during its installation. A decorative and efficient hood is also expected if you want to choose this island model for your kitchen.

To create your kitchen with island, it is possible to build your own furniture, but also to buy it in the store, or to call on professionals of the kitchen layout on lesure, such as L’Atelier Brioude.
You dream about it, aufeminin does it! Here are some tips for a makeover before / after a kitchen. Whether you opt for a classic style, contemporary or chic, combine comfort and originality to revive the decor of your kitchen.

Did you know ? Every day we spend an average of half an hour in the kitchen. And for fans of good food, time has no hold on them. The kitchen becomes a real piece of life and feeling good is essential. Designed for you, here are some tips for the makeover of your kitchen.
My kitchen, before and after redecoration

Before cooking again, there’s nothing like taking a step back. Not so easy when you spend most of your time, that’s for sure, but the key is to have a critical look.

Determine what is missing in your kitchen to find the best way to fit it according to your budget. And make a list by putting for each of the key points of your kitchen a note which will make it possible to establish a priority order.

Everything must go through: the condition of the walls, the floor, the practicality of the elements, the fluids (water, electricity gas, piping, taps, number of outlets, security), the electrical appliances, the style .. .

Three times nothing can be enough to bring modernity and functionality: a new touch of paint, a bit of fantasy with personalized accessories, good illumination … And do not neglect a small kitchen, which will gain in convenience and storage if it is better thought .
To change the kitchen without really changing, why not opt for original color themes:
> the green and its nuances (emerald green, anise, olive, or even touches of fluorescent green or fir green) bring a note of freshness to your decor. See here our sage green decor inspiration;
> black associated with lighter shades will give a graphic and chic style to your kitchen;
> with a totally white painting and a good illumination, your kitchen becomes very contemporary or takes Scandinavian airs purified.
> For the redecoration before / after of a rather rustic oak kitchen, simply opt for a shade of matte beige or pastel pink.

Tip: To gain space and camouflage your storage space, paint black basalt your closets and your work plan, and white walls.
Illuminate well to decorate

To restore a kitchen, interior designers advise optimizing lighting.
Remember to modulate the light on one part of your kitchen and to densify the brightness on another, like the worktop. By installing a ceiling louver in the center of the room, or appliques around the space of the tabl, you will get a diffuse light propitious to a certain atmosphere.
But remember that the light coming from the ceiling will not be optimal for cooking, because by leaning, you will shade your work plan.

Think of ultrafine rulers and sports under high elements and in dark, practical corners; moreover, you get a very design lighting animation. You will create areas where the depth will give an impressive stamp to your room.
For an original cuisine after restoration, I optimize my work plan

Let it be said: the work plan for a kitchen is the key!

In an open or semi-open kitchen, the worktop can be the separating element, offering a bar aspect to your interior.
On the contrary, if you place it against a wall accentuating the opening, your home will look like a loft.
Very popular, the opening of the kitchen has imperatives: safety, evacuation of odors, storage, furniture door handles, windows, appliances … everything must be cleverly thought.


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