If the environment is more compact, the kitchen will be as small. - bodrum escort izmir escort

If the environment is more compact, the kitchen will be as small.

If the environment is more compact, the kitchen will be as small.

If the environment is more compact, the kitchen will be as small.

In the past, the kitchens were all standardized. Today, there are different forms of decoration such as wooden shelves, steel or vinyl stickers. There are various options that will make your kitchen more charming.

Here are 11 decoration tips for a small kitchen !!! These are decorating ideas that you apply independently of each other.
1. The positioning of the appliance in the kitchen

The devices must first be defined according to the size of the family. It is important to access the three main points: sink, stove and refrigerator – the architects call it a working triangle because they are considered the main places of movement and must be aligned.

This model is widely used in small kitchens because they usually have linear format. Stainless steel furniture is well recommended.
Small kitchen with appliances

In small kitchens, you must use all the available space to give an impression of grandeur. The goal is to maximize space by abusing shelves. They will deliver another sensation: the kitchen will be bigger than reality. A good option is to remove the cabinet doors and turn them into brackets where you can place decorative elements and even pots of plants, which will give a very special touch. Do not be afraid to use elements of greenery in your kitchen like aromatic herbs ….
Wooden shelves in the kitchen

A very good tip is the hanging shelf, which can be placed in the hood and attached to the ceiling. You will be able to place your pans in brass, new pans that you never use, memories also ….
The colors that combine the most are the clearest, because they give an impression of amplitude.
But we are not just talking about the white color. The most important thing is to play with nuances and textures.

For the shades: beige, ivory and straw make a very good effect, and home appliances can also have more vivid colors to stand out. A golden coffee machine, a transparent toaster, a food processor. The most important thing is to keep the same color guideline.

3. Use stickers for a minimalist decoration
Stickers came back in fashion especially on the trend of vinyl. Easy to install and clean, the models are very diverse and can be used as adhesive wallpaper.

Another tip is to paint your wall painting type black chalk chalkboard. Your children will be able to express themselves as also to hang a text or a text which is related to the kitchen.
You can mark various annotations on this wall …
4. Look for the lighting to use
Lighting is a fundamental element in the kitchen. The more you play with natural light, the better the result will be.
It is crucial to use very bright colors in your kitchen and direct so that there is no shade behind the furniture. The colors can be brought by the choice of furniture and the different points of light that you will bring.
It is important to note that good lighting makes it easy to set up your kitchen. Less is more: it is a golden rule to follow.
5. Choose the best coating
The kitchen is usually the place in the house that accumulates the most dirt, so it is important that the flooring is as easy as possible. So choose a soil with a smooth density and preferably waterproof.
A little advice: give preference to stones because they are easier to wash and therefore resistant to the humid environment.

I am Portuguese: I love marble, but it is a porous stone that needs maintenance. I recommend granite and quartz. These are the materials that work best.
In the small kitchen, the door handles are not ideal. It is very common that we hang with the door handles. They bring no element of modernity and return to a classic cooking image.
To avoid this discomfort and leave your kitchen with a more optimized space, choose cabinets without doors. Or, opt for, for example, those with translucent sliding doors.

With these types of cabinets, you will also have the functionality to quickly find everything you need at the time of cooking.
Each kitchen should have the aromatic plants needed to prepare the meals. In addition to rice and basic ingredients, it is important to have seasonings to give a boost to your dishes. These are the ingredients that will bring added value to the dish.

And that will force you to have a garden inside the kitchen.
It seems a little complicated for someone who has a small kitchen. This may seem fair, in fact vertical gardens are the solution to this space problem.
To install them, it is enough to envisage a wooden structure or a pallet and to hang the pots with hooks. Vary the height according to the type of plant or the size of the pots.

Choose plants that are as good for cooking as for ornamentation. Thus, you will have an environment decorated with shades of green and even a healthier life.
Put pallets in the kitchen
Pallets can feed your little kitchen. This can become the most important element in your kitchen. You must appreciate the idea of using all the elements of your kitchen including vertically.
These are structures found or manufactured in various formats and materials. Pallets replace some of the cabinets and shelves when they are attached to the walls of the kitchen.

You can order these materials in wood or acrylic. Take advantage of the open spaces that usually exist between kitchen furniture and appliances and install pallets of the appropriate size.
In them, you can store everything you want, from dishes to food.

You want some advice? Provide glass jars to place coffee and other grains and arrange them inside the pallets. So you can decorate the little kitchen and have everything at your fingertips.
9. Prefer round furniture
Prefer rounded furniture in a small kitchen. They have a thinner and more fluid structure in a small kitchen. The circulation is greater. The rounded lines of the furniture leave the kitchen with a more fluid structure and allow a larger one because the rounded corners prevent minor accidents, such as scratches, bumps and even cuts.

In addition, rounded shapes combine much with stronger colors, such as black, red, purple and orange.
Do you have a lot of cookie and candy packs in your kitchen? Are they scattered in cabinets, scatter in different cabinets and sachets. How about making them more organized?
For my part, I use plastic shoe racks to store the different packages of my children.

They have several dividers that can be divided between different packages of candy, cakes and other delicacies.

Nailing one of these utensils to the wall or cabinet door can be a good way to have everything at your fingertips.

Always remember when it comes to small kitchen, it is essential to use only what we use.

We must not pile up useless utensils that will only pile up on each other and therefore will only bring dust to this place.

Bet on details with strong color elements to decorate your kitchen. You will optimize the space of your kitchen and decorate it carefully.


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