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How to build a studio?

How to build a studio?

When you live in a studio, the lack of space can quickly cause the installation of the disorder: it is one of the great disadvantages of these small homes. Here are some tips for decorating and landscaping to remedy this situation.
The sleeping area

Finding deco ideas for a studio that combines both modernity and space optimization is far from easy. It’s even more complicated for people like me who are used to living in big houses. Nevertheless, with the help of a friend decorator, I managed somehow to combine the two. This is how I proceeded. First of all, to avoid my home being used exclusively as a bedroom, I reluctantly got rid of my huge double bed.

Depending on its size, this furniture can indeed become very bulky taking a lot of space. That’s why I decided to invest in a sofa bed. And by ordering, in addition, a small coffee table, I can now receive my friends. However, if its daily handling is like a real chore for you, you can always opt for a bed. But in this case, plan a model with drawers under the bed frame. For example, you can store your belongings and shoes. Yes, the other big problem to solve is the layout of a dressing room.

For me, this step was really a challenge to the extent that I am a shopping addict. And in the end, to succeed to fit everything, I decided to embed cupboards on the walls. The work cost me dear, but the result was well worth it. Otherwise, for those who do not have a lot of business, the wheels on wheels to hide aesthetically behind a curtain are excellent alternatives. And most importantly, do not let your beauty and make-up products drag on everywhere, instead book a small storage space in your bathroom.
It is however the layout of the kitchen that gave me the most trouble, especially for the choice of appliances. Already, for lack of space, the cook was to dismiss. I preferred to put a washing machine instead. By cons, I bought a hob with two lights that I integrated in the work plan. And as for the sink, I also opted for a model with a tray but with modest dimensions.

As a result, I was able to save space to put down my dish drainer, but especially to install a mini-microwave and a coffee machine like George! And let’s talk about fridge now! As it was difficult to fit the American model in my little kitchen, a mini-fridge suited better. Therefore, to have frozen food at will, I opted for a refrigerator with a freezer compartment.

As for my races, the installation of a small cupboard in height was essential, so that I have a minimum of reserve. All available spaces have been taken advantage of, such as the ceiling where rails with hooks have been installed for storing pots and pans. Finally, I released some space under the sink for storing my dishwashing and cleaning products.


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