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Home Renovations!

Home Renovations!

Undertake home renovations,
… inside and out!
To undertake home renovations, indoors or outdoors, one must first consult the municipality and in the majority of cases, procure urban planning service.

Know the applicable regulations

The provisions applicable to home renovations are found in the following by-laws that form the municipality’s planning by-law:

Zoning By-law No. 90-58;
Building Regulation No. 90-60;
Permits and Certificates Regulation No. 90-61
Regulation URB-2 on Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program

Regulation in brief

The texts that were written in a brief summary of the main home renovation standards in Kirkland. This information is never mentioned for information purposes and must be interpreted as having the force of law.
The Urban Planning Department, which is responsible for regulating town planning and planning regulations, can help you understand the requirements.

Zoning, subdivision, construction
Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plans (PIIA)

Regulation URB-2 on site planning and architectural integration programs in residential, commercial and industrial zones, ensures uniformity in the various residential neighborhoods and commercial and industrial sectors, ensuring that any new construction or major modification to an existing building, integrates harmoniously with the neighborhood.
For example, the issuance of the required building permit for home renovation is subject to By-law No. URB-2 on the SPAIP when the project involves an extension whose floor area added to that of the existing building will have the effect of exceeding more than 25% the average floor area of neighboring residential buildings.
Urban planning staff can provide you with information and help you understand the different steps in the SPAIP approval process.

Apply for a permit

A copy of the building permit application form can be obtained at the Town Hall, Urban Development Center, or download it by clicking here.
In the case of a building permit for the modification of an existing building, the permit application must be accompanied by the following documents:

copy of the certificate of location of the property;
two copies of plans and construction details signed and sealed by an architectural technologist, architect or engineer, depending on the project;
samples showing the exact color and texture of the coating materials to be used on the building;
in the case of an enlargement or a modification affecting the external appearance, photographs
any other document such as text, maps, plans, architectural sketches, models, visual simulations, perspectives or audio-visual material that the applicant considers appropriate to support its request.

Construction construction, construction. Many provisions are similar to the subject matter and could be costly as soon as a new project is started. The Urban Planning Department can provide you with information on this subject. Do not hesitate to call on their expertise.
Processing the request

It usually takes 3-6 weeks to process a building permit application for a new building. However, when the procedure requires that the application be submitted to the Planning Advisory Committee for recommendation, it is generally necessary to allow 6 to 8 weeks for the processing of the application, the City Council having to decide on this recommendation by resolution and the building permit can only be issued when the resolution of the council authorizes its issuance.

Applicable fees

Fees for the study of a building permit application are due at the time of the application and are based on the estimated cost of the work, according to the following tariff:

$ 8.00 per $ 1000

When the issuance of the permit requires the approval of a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP), an additional fee of $ 250 is added to the cost of the permit for the study and processing of this application. These fees are also payable at the time of application for the permit.

Demolition of an existing building

When the planned work requires the demolition of an existing building, it is first necessary to obtain a demolition authorization in the form of a certificate issued in accordance with the procedure established in By-law No. 2007-54 governing the demolition of immovables. This by-law applies to any demolition on the territory of the municipality, whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial building.
Whether it’s a new kitchen or a new bathroom, with a mortgage rate, there has never been the best time to complete the renovations of your dreams. According to CIBC, more than one-third (39%) of homeowners plan to invest an average of $ 15,300 for their home next year. Those who plan to take the hammer to improve their stay this summer, would be able to allow them to BEFORE starting to undo the walls.
Albertans plan to spend an advantage

Not surprisingly, residents of Alberta plan to spend more on renovating the course for the coming year. The high paying jobs associated with oil sands and abundant and the economy is booming. They have therefore invested heavily in home renovation. At $ 22,900 on average, planned investments in Alberta are by far the highest in Canada. A large number of Albertan homeowners say they are ready to renovate, 52% plan to do so this year. More modest budgets

In Ontario, where the economy is at a standstill and the manufacturing sector is struggling, things are not so rosy. While Ontario homeowners are the third most likely to renovate this year, 40% of homeowners plan to renovate, and plan to spend less on this property, averaging only $ 13,100. But it’s in the Maritimes that homeowners plan to spend the least with $ 11,000.
Retirees are more likely to renovate

Although Canadians make repayment of their debts a priority, those nearing retirement are more likely to invest in renovations. Canadians aged 45 to 54 say they plan to spend an average of $ 18,300 on home renovations in the next 12 months, $ 3,000 more than the Canadian average. It’s a good idea for those who have a good pension plan to invest in home renovations, but the situation is different for those who live from paycheque to paycheque and who have little retirement savings. In this case, a renovation is too often an additional way of getting into debt.

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