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Good decoration for a good performance!

Good decoration for a good performance!

Bring your interiors to life with a wide range of decorative solutions: wall coverings, printed and custom materials, textiles, and carved panels.
The challenge of office decoration

The company is not only a place of work but a place of life, a place of meeting and exchange. The workspace is designed to redraw, evolve, adapt and communicate. All in rewarding environments where the motto is the flexibility of spaces and the creation of specific universe taking into account the desire to escape but also cocooning and ecology.
The staging of your image

Your workspaces and reception areas reflect the identity of your company. They offer a communication opportunity for your audiences. How to customize your workspaces, create a professional and warm world that will boost the quality of life in the office and reflect the values of your company? Megamark accompanies you to enhance your territories of expression to stage your premises. From diagnosis to product recommendation, our goal will be to make your spaces more attractive, more welcoming and more communicative.
My office is a little where I spend most of my time in my apartment. It is often hidden in a room, but at our place, the most suitable place was the living room / dining room. So, my tip for this office that normally does not belong in this room was precisely to put a maximum forward.

The door of the living room gives direction to him, he is placed back to the TV to not distract me. And, the executives who are the only ones in the room, was a strategic choice on my part. You know it’s like when you’re told to make a defect your quality. When you have hips, you are told to put them forward instead of hiding them. When you have a button on your forehead, you put on bright lipstick and so you make up more than usual to be seen less. In short, when you want to hide something the best is to show it and make something big so that it becomes an advantage.

This is exactly what I did here with all these paintings hung at different heights, with different frames and different types / patterns.

It’s been a while since I worked on it, it was even the last thing I did in the apartment. As for executives, I have been shopping for several months everywhere. CASA, H & M home, Hema .. and some are very old like all the wooden ones that I found in flea markets and that I have often refurbished *.

To fix them, no question of making holes, we are renting. I used a double-sided tie with scratch that holds up to 1.8 kg. I only put one attachment per frame and it fits very well. You find them in DIY stores.

The wooden frame “hello” comes from the site “I came to tell you”. I really like the principle of mixing materials together.

As for the posters, I did everything myself on Photoshop. I took a moment to find the different messages, I often mixed with marble and I printed in different sizes with the mobile application LALALAB. It is super easy to use and I always print with it.
I made all my visuals on Photoshop in high definition so that no pixelizes when I print them. I made them available on my e-shop. You can also find the marble letters seen here.

When you place an order, you receive within 2 days a we transfer with all the posters in JPEG format to download !! Then you have to print them on your own, with LALALAB for example (you will have to transfer all your files to your phone by e-mail or dropbox).

Earn 5 € credit with the code PGYI47F4 on the LALALAB application.

As for other posters, including the Love Warriors posters, I can not provide them because it does not belong to me.

I let you discover in photo all the details of my office decoration.

* the golden frame: I bought the frame without the glass, 1 € flea market. I bombarded it with a golden paint that can be found during Christmas.

My new cement tile top comes from Saint Maclou, it’s actually a vinyl for the floor. See the ic model.
Decoration for a corporate office

An office is a medium or important space for an employee in a company because it is kind of a second home for that employee. Indeed, the latter spends most of his time in the office from morning until the end of the afternoon, sometimes even late at night for some. For this, the office must be a place where his tenant must be comfortable and in good condition to fulfill his role within the company. So it is necessary to decorate the office well to make it pleasant.
Good decoration for a good performance

For a business to develop ideally, it is important that every employee is in perfect physical and mental condition. But one of the factors of the good development of a company and its employees is above all the work environment, that is the offices. It is important to decorate and arrange the office so that the employee feels at home. So for that, it is first of all a good choice of furniture that are the basic accessories of the room, then the colors that bring a certain energy to the room, decorative accessories such as tables and good storage for the room be in order. Plants and some natural elements are also recommended as decoration or lighting fixtures.

These different accessories and decorative settings give the office a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere that allows the employee to be in good condition and therefore have a good performance.
The interior signage serves initially to guide all the visitors who enter your company, it makes it possible to reassure them and give indications of direction. You can identify the function of a room or services present on the floor of the building through panels, plates or door stickers. You can also set up a floor marking with non-slip stickers.

Effective and functional signage also optimizes the reception conditions of the various visitors (employees, customers, employees, etc.). It must be consistent with the image of the company and blend in with the environment. To do this, make sure to respect your graphic charter.

Working on internal communication reinforces the brand image. The first approach that we will have with your structure is visual! Putting your premises in the colors of your company will show your customers, your partners and collaborators, that you take care of your image and your company, that you are consistent in your approach, that the structure is doing well. In recent years, the well-being of employees is at the heart of management’s concerns: the improvement of the workplace has become a management and communication issue.

The quality of the workspace brings real added value to the company: according to Actineo, 9 out of 10 employees would be more productive and more creative in well-appointed offices. The development of a user-friendly and ergonomic workplace is therefore a strategic factor both to improve working conditions and to motivate employees.

No more white desks, standardized and soulless! The goal is to decorate your workspace so that it reflects the image of your business and promotes creativity. Indeed the decoration of your offices contributes to the conviviality and boosts the sympathy capital of your company. Giants like Google, Facebook or AirBnB have understood that the company is more than just a place of work, it is also a place of exchange: by promoting the development of their employees, these companies have succeeded to increase their productivity while enhancing their brand image. For this, they relied on an ultra personalized and fun decoration that allowed them to create a real universe within the company.


The meeting room for example, is a strategic place in your premises: many important decisions are made and it is a must for your employees, your employees, your suppliers and your customers. It is a place of exchange and meeting that must foster collaborative work and reflect your brand.

For that you can decorate the walls at a lower cost: hang or frame posters, paste vinyls with your logo, slogans or dynamic phrases and motivational quotes. Thanks to tailor-made printing and cutting, anything is possible!

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