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Ergonomic Office Decorate

Ergonomic Office Decorate

Our preventative solutions help to offset back pain and tms-related problems.

Ergonomic Cabinets.
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Our sustainable standing agencies and ergonomic chairs change the lives of those who suffer from discerning back from their position to deliverance.
Rocking chair seats assembly and furniture accessories and body-friendly tested and proven with profitably contact back pain with rescue.
Discover our ergonomic chairs selected by our experts of the drugstore of the back.

Best Home Office Design The Best Of Home Office Design Designs – Home Interior Design Ideas

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I adjust our products to your environment.
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Steelcase, the world leader in workplace design, recently opened the LINC (Learning + Innovation Center), its European hub in Munich, with the aim of fostering creativity.

Much more than just a trendy office layout, the design of this space has resulted in a real architectural project by Steelcase’s design team, Henn Architects (Germany) and Parisian architect Patrick Jouin. bringing together in interior design concepts totally new spaces, new postures with redesigned office furniture design.

The architects worked on the LINC to transform a usually formal venue, corporate headquarters, and corporate, into a creative studio. Entirely turned towards the era of the creativity, it wants to be an unavoidable destination to the abundance of ideas and constitutes a “playing field” of more than 14 000 m2 to create. Discovery in pictures.
The Learning + Innovation Center workshops offer prototyping confections and are connected to other services such as product marketing and research teams.

A new year begins and with it, its lot of trends to know.

Whether in terms of office furniture, architectural and decorative aspects, or even materials, upheavals are to be expected in the layout of the working environment.

The Deco Bureau blog has selected 5 trends to know for the decoration of your offices in 2019.
# 1 – The use of acoustic panels for the decoration of open spaces


In 2019, the well-being of employees, and in particular their acoustic comfort, will be taken into greater consideration. Indeed, the work in open space is generating significant noise that disturb teams, reduce their productivity and increase absenteeism.

This year, companies will use acoustic panels to reduce the resonance and hubbub of workspaces. It can be installed on walls, ceilings but also between offices using movable walls. Recent innovation, we can directly print images, logos and photos on acoustic panels for them to participate in the decoration of the premises. In 2019, less investment will be made in the design of workstations. Functional, low-key offices will be chosen with colorful acoustic bedding and clever systems to hide cables.

Thanks to this economy, we will be able to work better in reception, meeting rooms, living spaces, informal corners like at home, spaces for creativity or relaxation. Raw wood, OSB or varnished wood, several wood materials are invited in the offices of companies. They will mainly be used to warm rooms by integrating nature into spaces.

They will be seen in receptions, in meeting rooms, in cafeterias, and increasingly in informal work spaces. Biophilic design, a design method that aims to integrate natural elements into offices, will emerge in most offices.

The goal is to improve the well-being and creativity of employees by adding plants, plant elements, stones, wood … A trend in strong growth


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