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Design and more much!

Design and more much!

You have always dreamed of having a garden design and contemporary design? Choose the right furniture to start with the table. It has a central role in the layout of your living space and sets the tone on the atmosphere you want to establish.
The right material

The contemporary style of your garden table goes through the right choice of material. It is strongly recommended to choose brushed or anodized aluminum. Thanks to its trendy look, this material gives a striking effect to your living space. In addition to its incomparable aesthetic, it combines the advantages: insensitive to weather, durable, stainless, light … Another possible choice is the braided resin table, to see here. She is the star of all gardens today thanks to her natural, contemporary, design and exotic appearance. The braided resin is highly resistant to UV, chlorine and does not fade. As a bonus, it is adapted to the seaside.
To think outside the box …

Gain originality by choosing models whose structure is dissociated from the table top. You have the opportunity to mix materials if you have trouble choosing between one of them. For example, you can opt for an aluminum model with a fiberglass, tempered glass or ceramic top. Play the mix of materials is very trendy right now, so do not hesitate to surf on this mode.
The right color

Do not skimp on choosing the right color to avoid false notes. When you want a contemporary decoration, the rule is to bet on tones sober enough like the mole, the beige, the gray or why not the three. Bring a little summer touch by adding a bright color such as orange that blends harmoniously with gray.

The good form

Side form, you will prefer the rectangular tables, because a contemporary decoration admits especially geometric lines. The advantage of these rectangular models is that they allow you to organize large tables. Their capacity is important, up to 10 or even 12 people. By cons, the rectangular table takes a lot of space, which is not practical if you have a small garden. In alternative, do not hesitate to bet on the square tables which are less voluminous and whose form meets the requirements of a contemporary decoration. And if you are accustomed to welcoming many guests to your home, opt for extended models. An excellent way to gather everyone around the same table.
Adapted layout

The garden table is certainly crucial to give a contemporary look to your space, but it is not everything. You must complete by the chairs, nothing complicated. It will be enough to choose models similar to the table for a less contrasted style. But if you want a more original atmosphere, opt for mismatched chairs. And to protect yourself from the sun, do not forget umbrellas, sails, pergola, blinds and other shade solutions that come in a wide variety. And the matching lounge chair will be the must


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