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Decorative Tips and Good İdeas

Decorative Tips and Good İdeas

At the heart of everyday life, the living room is a key piece of your home. It is in general and above all a place where one relaxes. It’s also where you share parties with friends and family aperitifs. It is therefore essential to think well of its layout to make it a pleasant, practical, welcoming and friendly place.

Good ideas, sharing of ideas, decorative tips, here are some tips and ideas for a good layout of your living room in 7 points. We do not furniture in the same way a square living room, an L-shaped living room or a living room in length. Some key points to remember depending on the surface and shape of your room:

Square living room: two sofas facing each other around a rectangular or round coffee table, will be the best choice for the shape of this room. And if your living room is less than 15m², a corner arrangement of the two sofas is also a wise option. Then choose your square coffee table.

Lounge in L: two distinct areas naturally coexist in this type of living room; you will be able to exploit them as a living room and a dining room or a living room and an office. If one area is larger than the other, the seating area will need to be installed. If both spaces are equivalent in area, install the living room side near the larger window, especially if it is a bay window facing outside.
Living room in length: it will be necessary to create several areas using different colors on the walls and the floor, or with low separation furniture does not obstruct the view. If the width is sufficient, placing the sofa perpendicular to the longer wall will reduce the feeling of length. If your room is narrow, choose a corner sofa whose meridian will delimit a square area. Place rugs, one on the sofa side, another in the second zone. They will break the impression of length.
This is the first element you will put in place, because often the most imposing. It is he who will determine the style of the room.

It is usually positioned against a wall, but if the room is particularly spacious, it can be placed in the center of the room, perpendicular to a wall, to create separate areas. Choose your place according to your interests:

turned to television, if you like to watch it often and comfortably;
towards the garden or the landscape, if these are particularly pleasant;
near the fireplace, if you have one. Once the sofa is installed, you can think of other furniture in the living room, because if it is central to your development, it is not enough alone.

A coffee table: choose it according to the size of your sofa. The bigger he is, the bigger he will be. You can also opt for several small matching coffee tables, but of different height and height, or a series of nesting tables.

Side chairs: The traditional configuration is to have two chairs on either side of the sofa. You can either match the latter, in a classic way, or mismatch, for a more contemporary effect.
A TV stand: the arrival of flat screens in recent years has revolutionized the way we watch television, no longer hidden in a closed cabinet, but throne hanging on the wall or on a low cabinet. A box that can accommodate Internet box, set-top box, and DVD player will be ideal in the living room to hide all that we do not want to see. A library: yes, it will store books, but also game boxes, stacks of magazines and other decorative items.
An office: You may not have the space or the desire to have it in another room, especially if you want to monitor your children when they surf the internet. Do not choose it too big. Also avoid the chair type direction, but instead choose a lightweight chair, which can serve as a booster seat for family meals.
The living room is often the best-oriented room in your home, ideally with windows to the south or west. You will place the sofa near the glass surfaces to enjoy the natural light. But you will also have to think of other sources of light, direct and indirect, which should be well studied.

On the ceiling, a suspension will ideally be positioned above the coffee table. If the socket is too far from the location, do not hesitate to run a wire from the ceiling and conceal it under a painted rod of the same color to bring the luminaire to the desired location.
If you do not have an electrical outlet on the ceiling, a floor lamp is a great option. Do not choose it too small and adapt your style to the rest of the living room.
Complementary lighting, such as a spotlight, a desk lamp or a lamp placed on what is called a sofa end, may well integrate well in this or that corner of the living room.
Room passage, the floor of your living room will be subject to many solicitations. Choose it so practical and easy to maintain!

Tiling: it is particularly recommended in a living room overlooking a garden. A wide choice of shapes, styles and colors is now available.
Parquet: warmer than tiles, it will be chosen resistant, oiled or vitrified so that it can be easily cleaned.
Vinyl: easy to maintain, inexpensive to buy and install, it mimics today some other coatings, such as tiling or parquet.


The natural coatings: with sisal we prefer the seagrass. Not very fragile, it is cleaned with a wet mop.
The carpet: to reserve a space without children and without animals, if you are particularly careful. A wool carpet will be easier to maintain than a synthetic carpet.
Some basic rules important to know and remember not to be wrong in the layout of your living room:

Do not overload furniture: favor a fluid circulation to preserve the impression of space.
Do not make TV the focal point of the room: the living room is intended for relaxation and other family and friendly activities. Do not forget it !

Do not settle for the walls: of course, you will install the most imposing furniture. But to energize your room, do not hesitate to create small places, such as an armchair near a small table and a light. Charm assured for what could quickly become your favorite reading corner.
Do not confine yourself to direct lighting: if it is sometimes essential, it is not always the most pleasant for the eyes. Multiply indirect light sources for smoothness and modularity.
Do not accumulate trinkets: choose carefully and only those that you will highlight. A room overloaded with objects of all kinds is never very harmonious.
Do not forget to put away (a little …): group the remote controls in a tray, store the magazines in a box or a magazine rack and do not let your dirty clothes drag on the sofa. But do not store too much either! The living room must remain a living room.


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