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Decoration Touches for Autumn

Decoration Touches for Autumn

If the weather turns gray and that is really not good news, in decoration gray passes the winter with elegance! Color cocooning or color of all contrasts, gray is your ally throughout the house. Demonstration with our gray shopping for the winter!
The gray, cocooning color of winter
Contrary to what one might think, it is not because one does not like the gray sky that one does not like the gray decoration. On the contrary, this color is ideal for winter because it is synonymous with softness provided you choose the shade and the materials that make it into the house. For example, we will focus on a soft mouse gray, which will be applied to even softer materials such as velvet on a cushion or faux fur on a plaid. To finish warming the atmosphere, some candles will not fail to highlight the nuances of the hue.
Gray, to play with contrasts
And if you want a little dynamism, the gray is also an ally of size because it will allow you to highlight stronger colors by a clever game of contrasts! Thus, a gray wall will bring out red accessories, while a gray sofa will perfectly welcome colorful cushions that will bring up the decor. In this configuration, we put on a matte and frank gray that draws rather on a slate tone to promote bold contrasts. Side associations, do not hesitate to bet on very bright colors such as fluos (yellow, pink, orange) that will transform your room in the blink of an eye.
Astonishing as a few strokes of paint can reinvent a whole decor. Moreover, the furniture is not the only ones to benefit from this home made metamorphosis. Decorative accessories, lampshades, tablecloths and cushions can also be transformed with a brushstroke. No need to have the artistic fiber: simple gestures are enough to create the incredible, and we explain how!
Tie and dye effect
The fade or color gradient is just as trendy in fashion and in our hair as in the decor. Also known as tie & dye, this effect borrowed from the 70s, involves a precise dyeing technique, easy to reproduce at home. So, why not try the operation on our own? What is needed is first to knit the textile intended for customization: the covers of a set of cushions, the tablecloth, the carpet, the curtains. Then, it is tempered in the chosen painting. Depending on the intensity of the desired color, it is colored to different degrees: entirely or only on the tip (in this case, the paint will “go up” naturally, forming the gradient with subtlety). And you are master of tie & dye! Nevertheless, without even following the process indicated, one can also be content with simply painter the tip of a decorative element to infuse the pace. A choice that allows to “degrade” any type of support other than textiles: on the lower part of pots of plants or paper shades for example! As such, we prefer the customization with a spray paint rather than a conventional paint to apply with the help of brushes. Indeed, it is the best way to maximize the aspect of “fade” initially sought!
Offbeat arty effect

Another possibility? Dress up the decorative objects by trying some quick and basic strokes of brushes. Nothing too complicated, so that a mastery of the artistic tool is not required. Let’s go to the table to set an example. The idea: to change a pure white tablecloth into a model as unusual as it is chic. From simplicity to more elaborate, one step: take the care of repainting his half, just draw one or two strips across its entire length or let his imagination run free, daring geometric lines and / or deconstructed. Even if you have never applied paint before and even if the result is not uniform, know that this ill-posed effect may seem voluntary. This is all the interest of the current trend with a special love for imperfections. As well enjoy ! It remains to decline the idea of starting on multiple decorative accessories: on the cushions, on the plates, on napkins and why not on an artist’s canvas! Maybe by force, you discovered a talent so far well hidden …


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