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Combine beds with dressers and bedside tables

Combine beds with dressers and bedside tables

The furnishings and decor of the bedroom also include the dresser and bedside tables, although today minimalist tendencies tend to encompass these elements in the wardrobe or in the bed itself. The choice of materials in which these furniture can be made: wood, metal, steel. Then it is important to take the style into consideration, and therefore you can opt for elements with extreme design, modern, classic or going back in time, vintage. The rule to remember is to always think about the habitat where they will be inserted.

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Forms, there are, and more disparate: regular squares to the most eccentric. In general bedside tables are chosen according to the bed to which they will be combined and in any case always taking into account their own requirements. They are your functional allies, since they host the point of lighting or the pile of your favorite books, and even your unbearable awakening. If they have drawers, they contain your most expensive items. To create an original aesthetic impact, you can decide to break with the rules and choose a shape, style, or material different from those of the bed, or even dare with two different bedside tables!

The dresser is one of the most purchased furniture items when it comes to furnishing and decorating the home. Equipped with drawers, it is made of wood in most cases, with finishes that enrich its surface by creating material textures that transmit emotions.
The room signed Dialma Brown

Poetic, vintage, modern, Provençal: many adjectives define the Dialma Brown room and its collection of single or double beds, dressers and bedside tables, cabinets with sliding doors or hinged doors, chiffoniers.
Large headboards frame the beds giving them character. They can be padded, or finely cut and characterized by a stripped or waxed finish with a brush. They can be broken down into structures made of old recycled wood or white or natural Vienna straw.
Our furniture is not only made of wood, but also of iron, to remind certain atmospheres overseas or they conform to the practicality of the French bed frame, a place and two places, with a large chest of storage.
What counts are the details, the care taken in finishing, the perfect union of materials, to create a timeless furniture and decoration in the bedroom.

Want a tip that helps you choose? We give you ten!

Style above all.
Before choosing the chairs, choose a kitchen table.
Combine chairs and tables.
The ideal dimensions of the table.
Once you have chosen the table, check the measurements of the chair.
Beautiful tables and beautiful chairs, yes, but they must especially be functional!
The coverings of the chairs.
The chair and the table that suit you perfectly.
The chairs.Lighting.

1 Current trends and design are surely important, but what really makes the difference in the choice of furnishings and decorations are your style and your personality. The furniture speaks about you, it reflects your tastes and your passions, therefore it is fundamental to use all your common sense and your creativity to feel free to stop your choices without being influenced by the fashions of the moment. Always keep in mind that fashions and trends often change very quickly, and ending up with furnishings and decor that look old and outdated after a while is surely something nobody would want. That’s why we always advise you to follow the style that represents you the most, because personal tastes change less abruptly than fashions.

2 You must surely choose the table before the chairs. Indeed, it must be remembered that the table is a dominant element, and therefore its choice will inspire all the furnishings and decoration that are around, starting with the chairs. Dialma Brown offers a wide variety of tables, from the most traditional to the design tables. Not only kitchen tables, but also functional tables for the living room, office tables and the living room. The dimensions of the home are very important to furnish and decorate: if you have a small space, we recommend a folding table, and you will really find a lot on our site. The shape is important too: those who prefer soft shapes will surely choose a round or oval table, while fans of sharp and decided lines will prefer square or rectangular tables.
As you will see more and more often, the current trend is to combine modern style chairs with classic-looking kitchen tables. It is surely a way to give a touch of originality to its furnishings and decoration, but we must pay attention to some essential rules.

First of all, with wooden tables it is better to prefer monochrome chairs and all of the same color, to give an elegant and refined look to the habitat.

A very interesting solution could be to alternate chairs and benches, possibly with a rectangular wooden table: in this case, the choice of soft colors is almost an obligation. This solution gives a little dynamism to the habitat, and moreover it is extremely practical.

4 Calculate the length of the ideal table is a very simple operation: just consider a space of 60 cm for each person sitting at the table and the game is done. If you are tempted by a narrow table for a more intimate habitat, you have to take into account that a table of 70-75 cm width will be sufficient for the basic set-up: plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins but it will not allow for extra space in the center of the table. On the other hand, an 85-90 cm table will provide additional space and convenience for easier and more complete service. The height of the table should be 73-80 cm, while the seat should be 45-50 cm from the floor. For a comfortable result, the distance between the two levels, that of the chair and that of the table, must be equal to 25-30 cm. Then we must consider the style factor: if you want to recreate a Provencal mood, look at our proposals for solid wood tables, if you like the industrial style, bet on a metal table or a colorful table.

5 It is preferable that the total height does not exceed 90 cm to simplify movements in the kitchen, which are fast and frequent: a high backrest would indeed be an obstacle. It becomes essential to know the measurements of the chairs compared to those of the kitchen tables before buying them: as we said above, there should be a space of 30 cm between the seat and the table top . In addition, a chair should not be too heavy, because it will be moved continuously to clean faster.

6 Design is fundamental, but what we want from chairs and tables is that they are convenient and practical, to make their use more enjoyable in every room of the house, because they have a vital role in many moments of the day. Before buying tables and chairs, we strongly advise you to consider their comfort and ergonomics.

7 Once you have purchased the chair, you must keep its aesthetic appearance in good condition, and therefore it is important to choose an easy-to-clean coating: leather, mixed cottons and fabric are the best coatings. As an alternative, we offer our chairs with removable cover, which therefore require less effort in the cleaning phase.
8 Provencal, vintage, Shabby Chic, industrial or design. Whatever the style of your home, here you will find chairs and tables to recreate the atmosphere. Do you want a more traditional house where the love of past values is especially important? Choose a classic table with an old wood surface: it will give warmth to your home. Do you want to dare a vintage style? Look for example our metal tables and our leather chairs: with Dialma Brown you can create games of contrasts and different style.

9 The kitchen and dining chairs are the most used at home. We sit down for breakfast, lunch, dinner or to talk with family. It is therefore very important that the chairs are stable, comfortable and made of materials of excellent quality. That’s why at Dialma Brown, we prefer noble materials such as solid wood, selected and washable fabrics.

10 Finally, the lighting factor, which is not the least. The choice of lighting and its position relative to the table is instead fundamental to create the desired atmosphere. In the case of kitchen tables or large tables for the living room, it is preferable that the lighting be central and suspended at least 75 cm from the table. If the table is not used for lunch, you can also opt for a table lamp.


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