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Choose the curtains according to the style of your room

Choose the curtains according to the style of your room

The decoration of a baby’s room is really essential for his awakening, think of your little baby bedridden in his bed the majority of his time

His universe is limited to his bed, then to the walls of his room, some elements of decoration can be put to profit to awake baby and to avoid that it is bored, because when baby is bored, he cries!

Any mother knows how many minutes of tranquility are sometimes precious, so if, in addition, it is good for baby who will learn minute after minute to look after himself and wait, there is no reason not to decorate (small touches) the baby room

From birth, everything that surrounds baby is a source of awakening and learning. A colored mobile placed over his bed will attract him, help him to sharpen his concentration and to adapt his sight day after day

A musical mobile and baby’s hearing already stimulated in mom’s womb will continue to be. What at first was just a sound that caught the baby’s attention, will gradually push him to move his whole body … one by one every day baby awakens to the world around him

With a little imagination, time and a lot of love, it is easy to make awakening games and economic decorations and that will be more effective if they will be renewed regularly.

As with any human being, one of the driving forces of a baby’s evolution is curiosity, the novelty surprises him and helps him progress.

As always, the best is the enemy of good, a little decoration stimulates, interests and occupies baby, but too much decoration can be perceived by him as an aggression and produce the opposite effect: make him cry. Especially since too much decoration drowns important elements that are no longer distinguished by baby.
The bedroom curtain

Synonymous with comfort, the bedroom is an important piece that requires special attention when shopping for decorative accessories that will dress the windows like the bedroom curtain because it can take care of you and provide you with privacy. where his great interest.

It can also be a refuge, but also a place of rest on which you can count of the day or the night. It can give you comfort to have pretty dreams thanks to its warm colors, and its soft and delicate materials.

If you have trouble sleeping and do not adapt to harsh outside noise, the room curtain with thick fabrics is made to keep you warm and can function as a noise barrier.

But how to choose the bedroom curtain?
Choose the curtains according to the style of your room

Choosing the room curtain usually depends on the style of your room, as well as the mood you want to breathe.

For a modern room, the two-colored plain or blackout screening screens can give a simple but modern atmosphere. Stripes with striped patterns can find their place by looking for a modern atmosphere by associating with more vivid colors to have more modernity to the example of the color green.

Plain or jacquard velvet curtains are perfect for bringing a modern ambience and a lot of warmth and comfort to your room by experience is best to choose rather dark colors. Japanese sieving or blackout panels can create simplicity by adding sleek and elegant ambience.
The fancy curtains will create a modern and trendy baroque atmosphere to your room. The taffeta curtains that with their glossy effect will modernize your room. With classic rooms the patterned curtains can also be considered very elegant to keep a classic atmosphere like the patterned curtains toile de Jouy or vichy.

For rooms with typical styles of choices like ethnic patterned curtains can take you to exotic locations, or allows you to create a romantic mood.

And finally for a relaxing room the curtain making materials can enter factor to have a zen and purity with motifs for more decorations or fantasy, example the plain or two-tone linen curtain. A Motifs, and for more fantasy and decoration as the Flashou Blanc or the breath Gray.
Choose the room curtain according to the size
Want to bring a nice touch of fantasy in your room? And if you let yourself be tempted by the light garlands that will serve you as lighting? Cleverly placed, they will illuminate your room and bring a soft and subdued light, conducive to relaxation and cocooning. Where to place a light garland in a room? Follow the guide :

The curtain can also be chosen according to the size and the width of your window that you want to dress that will be multiplied by 2.5 to obtain a nice folded rendering.

For the height, the long curtains will be preferred going from the rod to the bottom of the wall which will be subtracted of some centimeter of the ground for more esthetisms compared to short curtains stopping at the level of the windows of your windows. Deposited on a headboard or wrapped around, the light garland takes place above your bed with a beautiful elegance. It will bring a very soft light to the room and will serve as a quirky bedside lamp. For a modern look, bet on a brightly colored garland. For a baroque atmosphere, opt for black and white. For a natural deco, choose to mix yellow, green and sky blue.

In a vase or under a bell, the light garland will take up little space but will however have a great impact on the decoration of your room. By its reflections of light and its pretty colors, the garland fills the glass but also the room of all its fantasy.
A bit bohemian, a bit disordered, the light garland deposited in bulk is a real asset deco. It becomes a useful light point in a room while diffusing its colors. By choosing a garland with bright balls, you can play with the colors to match perfectly to your decoration: blue, white and turquoise for marine environments or pink, purple and beige for romantic spirits …
Clinging to the wall, hanging from a coat hook or placed on the handle of a window, the light garland brighten a room in an original and unexpected way. It’s up to you to let your imagination speak by suspending it wherever you want.

Your carpet is too old, your small aluminum window does not bring enough light, the decor is gone and the walls of your room are dirty? Well, it’s really time to do something! Here is how to improve the comfort of your room in just 3 steps.Then, if a window does not work, a door window will bring you all the light you need! If this is not possible because you have no balcony or garden, opt for a large window.

If you choose a PVC window, you will combine many advantages: not only this type of opening is design, but you will also gain comfort with a greater contribution to light and this will allow you to benefit from sound insulation and more important thermal.

With the purchase of a window or door window compliant with the new environmental requirements dictated by France, you are also eligible for a tax credit of 30%.
3rd step: a deco hygge to get fresh ideas

Once the floor is redone, the walls washed and repainted and the door window, you just have to take care of the decor. And for a room in top comfort, bet on the trend hygge come straight from Denmark.

You will not have to put in a lot of effort to decorate your room because the hygge is a lifestyle based on a pure space where only the necessary is visible. A large white bed, a light colored armchair, a macramé weave on the wall and a wardrobe will do the trick. To add storage, simply nail three small shelves to the wall in the color of your choice

And now, your room can become livable again!


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