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Bread basket

Bread basket

Bread basket
Quickly and conveniently sewn to the bread basket out of rope. For this, hemp, cotton or Polyester ropes can be used-Of course in all possible colors. In a short time you create a single piece on the dining table, which will definitely attract the eye of the guests.
* about 20m rope (hemp, Sisal, cotton, Polyester)
• Yarn suitable for cable
• Scissors
• Sewing
• Sewing needle, not too thick
1. Step:
Turn about 15cm from the rope and sew together with a zigzag stitch.
2. Step:
The rope continues to wrap around the curve and sew until the desired size is reached from the ground.
3. Step:
That’s what the ground looks like.
4. Step:
For the edge, lift the ground as far as possible and continue sewing at an inclined angle until the desired height from the edge is reached.
5. Step:
Then mark at the edge 4 points with pins to form there the handles. Here the rope is let loose, in the distance, how far the eyes should be and then with the second needle, continue sewing. If a rope as a handle is not stable enough, you can still sew a round. Sew the rope and cut. Secure well so that nothing will stir up.


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