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Bedroom Decorate!

Bedroom Decorate!

It is not enough to have a room transformer in a comfortable box.

The bedroom is where you start the day and it’s also where you finish. When we get up, it is this first contact with the ground that we are in condition to stay for the rest of the day, but it is also when we slide our feet under the duvet at the end of the day, the last contact with the reality we will have. We chose to cover ourselves with soil that day, it was good to relax and relax, we should not be taken lightly. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, many other prices are to be taken into account, such as comfort, maintenance, sound insulation, the same or the ecological quality. If you are looking for a perfect floor for a bedroom, the following should interest you …
. Carpet

The carpet has suffered a lot from its bad reputation (allergy to dust), but has returned in strength in recent years, as its look, its maintenance and its resistance have evolved. This textile coating based on synthetic fibers (polyamide) uni or pattern can create immediately a real atmosphere.On love: Its warm and cozy side, ideal for bedrooms. Adding carpet to the room will tend to dampen the sound and reinforce the intimate side of the space.
2. Polished concrete
Composed of cement, sand gravel and pigments, waxed concrete offers the great advantage of being less cold than tiling. Without joint or motif, it brings a visual continuity which allows to enlarge the space, while bringing a true supplement of soul there.

We like: The mineral and velvety rendering of polished concrete in the room, which invites to rest and serenity, while giving the room an ultra-contemporary look. Find a pro for your flooring on Houzz
3. Oriented Particleboard (OSB)
Born in the United States in the 1970s, these softwood panels, embedded in a solution of glue, resin and wax, offer the great advantage of being extremely durable and strong, but also economical and ecological (95 % of wood for 5% glue / resin / wax). In recent years, the OSB is no longer confined to building sites, but is back in force in interiors especially flooring, where its particular texture captures the light while maintaining a natural appearance.

We like: Its raw appearance that gives our room an industrial loft style revisited.

4. Tiling
Tiling is a rather cold material that can be imagined more easily in a kitchen than in a room, where rest and cocooning are in order. However, robust and very easy to maintain, it can be the ideal coating in a room on the ground floor overlooking the garden for example.We like: Decorative accessories such as carpet and plaid, which counterbalance the feeling of cold tiling in the room.
5. Parquet
Parquet is the timeless coating par excellence. Its pleasant and warm contact, summer and winter, makes it an ideal coating in the bedroom. Thanks to its color and texture, it offers the great advantage of bringing warmth and comfort without effort. With its many species, it adapts to all styles, bringing natural and nobility.On love: This old massive parquet which, sanded and waxed, has found a second youth. No need to overload space, it is he who sets the tone.


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