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Apartment decor!

Apartment decor!

Hello, Hello Style Lovers,
I left to write an article about this apartment (above) for sale on a Swedish real estate website. I found that it had a certain pace compared to the style “Scandinavian ikea” that we see all the time on this type of site. But now, I pulled a thread, and I sniffed the trend, a kind of mix of influences “bohemian + wabi sabi + design”. You do not follow me completely. It’s normal. I explain more precisely what I felt.

The bohemian trend continues to pass, but I reassure you for those who are not followers, it will eventually fade like all trends. It has however evolved since its inception. From a very boho scandi style, which boiled down to white, beni ouarain carpets, baskets and macrame, ethnic objects and the famous “Palme” motif, we slipped to a few more design and wabi things sabi.

As with any trend, this “bohemian wabi sabi design” spirit did not come at once. It is the culmination of all the trends that have emerged from beyond for two / three years: The ethnic decoration and wabi sabi, The bohemian charm of the vintage, the rattan, the style of the magazine kinfolk very inspired by the minimalist universe and Norm Architects design, dried flowers, nude colors and terracota … I could definitely, you quote many other articles.

You will see in this selection of interiors, this thread thin, but driver of this influence “wabi sabi hippie chic design”. Must we follow the movement? Up to you. In any case, it influences us right now.
The bohemian version.

This apartment in Stockholm, located in a lively neighborhood is a real landmark of bohemians. A contemporary white dominate the walls. The contemporary and design kitchen reminds me of the makeover brand ikea kitchen, Reform. I would bet on the model created by Norm Architects. Other than that, we find all the bohemian design world of the moment: warm tones, furniture and vintage objects of the 70s, dried flowers …
A very wabi sabi contemporary and bohemian catalog

Coincidentally, the mass-market brand Zara Home offers a licked catalog, photographed in a Scandinavian interior with a decidedly “wabi sabi contemporary” style. Some will also see the influence of the Mediterranean design style such as that of this hotel Vora Villas in Santorini, which I spoke to you recently. In short, everything comes together.

The most important thing to remember is the choice of the brand to showcase its products by mixing them with vintage pieces and designer furniture. This gives a “bohemian” impression, not fixed. Thus Zara Home puts itself in the place of its customers. It would not come to us the idea to buy everything at the same brand!
The contemporary design version

Finally, I chose this décor, designed by interior designer Katarina Rulinskaya for a space in Warsaw. Resolutely design, it is nonetheless crossed by the influences wabi sabi and bohemian. The palette of natural materials, wood, stone … and nude and sand colors soften the contemporary spirit.

So what do you think of all this? I believe that this year, you will see a lot of interiors, catalog, products in this spirit. I will confirm all this after my stay at Maison et Objet.


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