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A romantic decoration, what is it?

A romantic decoration, what is it?

A romantic decoration, what is it?

First, a romantic decoration based on pastel tones or shades of roses embedded in white so as to emphasize the floral motifs (roses generally).

This adult room is discreet and ready to be trusted by discreetly charming furniture such as a loveseat, rattan armchairs and a coffee table … if space permits.

Whatever the volume of the room, combine old materials (such as wrought-iron mirrors) and old lace with modern materials such as whitewash (a very diluted paint applied to wooden elements that bring out the veins of this one). this).

For this atmosphere to be successful, it is essential that the light of day, like the lights are sifted. Opt for translucent white photophores that, combined with the metal, will produce this filtered light in the evening.

The proposed colors are indicative. For example, you can replace pink with purple and white with gray taupe. In this case, the walls will be an off-white to enhance the furniture and textiles.
What furniture to choose for this decoration?

You have the choice of materials such as furniture, wood and iron will be good for the room.

For this romantic decoration, the white furniture is recommended even if it can be replaced by pink ceruse wood furniture.

Regarding the bed:

If it is made of iron, it must be carved with volutes on the head and feet.
A four-poster bed will also work or the bed can be closed with patterned curtains matching those of the window curtains.

A chest loveseat will be placed in the corner of the room in opposition to a high-backed white rattan armchair for example.

Between these two pieces of furniture, you can place a pedestal table with wrought iron legs, matching the bed and the tray will be wood.

A dressing table with a mirror framed in white will be placed facing the bed and provided with drawers.

For laundry storage, choose a white 5-drawer dresser in wood with ornate handles. It will be placed not far from the loveseat and the armchair.

It is essential to leave the wall window free of any object.

Finally, a wardrobe corner dressing, with glass doors can be considered if the size of the room lends itself. Wall cladding with a romantic decoration

For this atmosphere, two materials can be associated: painting and wallpaper.

The wall where the bed will be located may be painted a pale pink as the “dragee” (for example) and if necessary furnished with a frieze with patterns of open roses whose bottom will be darker.
The wall of the window meanwhile will be painted a darker pink matching the rose patterns of the frieze.
A wallpaper with small pink motifs, the background will be white, parer the two remaining walls.

If your choice stops exclusively on the painting, opt for a hue between the pink candy and the dark pink for these two remaining walls. To do this, simply add a few drops of paint from the darkest wall to white paint.

You can also afford baroque polystyrene moldings (found in DIY stores) between the walls and the ceiling, which make the complete tour of the room.

Ornamentally bucolic frames can finally be hung in the case where the walls remain a solid color. Which floor coverings to choose?

The flooring materials suitable for romantic decoration are multiple. Your choice will be based on the budget you want for the entire room.

A beech parquet herringbone will give movement to the room while expanding.
The floor will be raw vitrified (sold as a rule already treated) to give it a satin appearance.
This one for more softness will be of “velvet” aspect and put in one piece rather than slabs.
For the furniture to take full value, opt for a rosewood tone that will match the paint on one of the walls.

Linoleum: this one will be chosen thick and will be posed of one piece or slabs. The linoleum will be in the same colors as the carpet, that is to say rosewood.

In all cases, pink, white or very light gray rugs will be placed in the center of the room.
Textiles and / or curtains to create a romantic decoration
Allow white or pink plain weave with lace or English embroidery that will give your piece a stronger romanticism.
The curtains themselves, will be thick, in pale pink velvet for example and held by white metal tie-backs with patterns of roses.
A frame (panel trimmed with pleated fabric) decorated with fabric matching the curtains will be placed to hide the rods that will be white wood.
The bed linen can be composed of a light duvet and a thicker quilt. Or, replacing the quilt, a damask top with applied knots.
Choose from sheets embroidered with English embroidery or cotton lace that will extend somewhat beyond the comforter.
To complete this atmosphere, the cushions have the share, so do not hesitate to choose comfortable and cover them with ruffle covers embroidered in English or lace.


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